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    give mob item

    so I'm making a boss for my server and I'm trying to give it a bow and i cant find a way to do it when I reload it it says that there are no errors if anyone can help me that would be great! command /boss2: permission: op permission message: "&cYou do not have...
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    set spruce fence wall to air skript

    I need some help with the thing in the title if anyone know a fix thank you! command /wall: trigger: set all blocks in radius 10 of player's position where block input is spruce fence to air once again thank you
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    skript armor

  4. M

    skript armor

    Hey! Thanks for responding, but it isn't exactly working out. Do you have any other ideas? We can't seem to find anywhere else where the answer is.(edited)
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    skript armor

    My friend and I are trying to make a Skript where if you are wearing a full armor set, it effects you with resistance. Here's the code we have: variables: {superior.%player%} = "False" {superior.count.%player%} = 0 on player armor change: if new chestplate is named "&6Superior...