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    Solved Send title to all players in world

    loop all players in world "world":
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    Solved TuSKe Clicktyp

    try: on right click: if inventory name of current inventory of player is "&cShop": clicked slot is 11:
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    How to add/remove NBT
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    Solved Pitch round
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    Solved Pitch round

    on any movement: send "%player's pitch%" try
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    Solved Creating Custom Worlds Mds, vc qr tudo em skript... Mas ok, para trocar as msg só entrar nesse site e dps escolher o pl q vc qr traduzir ou trocar as mensagens
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    help plz, number of loop-entity

    on damage: damage cause is fall name of victim's boot is "&4&lStomper" cancel event wait 2 seconds damage victim by 4.2 loop players in radius 7 around victim: # push loop-entity backwards at speed 1 # push loop-entity backwards at speed 0.8 delete...
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    Script D_Lobby

    DaviPatrick submitted a new resource: D_Lobby - Lobby, lobby plugin, lobby skript, best lobby skript, best lobby, best lobby plugin Read more about this resource...
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    Script D_Lobby 1.1

    This skript of lobby, is the best from skunity, who contains amazing systems! REMEMBER: This skript is to bungeecord and use /papi ecloud download Skript when you start the server with Placeholder API This skript can know if the specific bungeecord server, who you putted is offline or online...
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    Solved How to make an ID system with punishment

    ta certo o código dele... vc q ta com frescura '0'
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    You need skQuery
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    If player if looking up. Help!!

    i'm noob in skript, full code? :/
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    If player if looking up. Help!!

    My code: on step on 165: if player is looking up: push player forwards at speed 4 wait 1 tick push player backwards at speed 2 push player in direction of player at speed 3
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    passa skype, tbm sou br

    passa skype, tbm sou br
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    Players money skript Error

    replace all "..." with "&e..." in {variable}
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    Variable for number of players in a certain world?

    #More than 1 worlds set {variable} to number of players in world "WORLD1" and "WORLD2" #Only 1 world set {variable} to number of players in world "WORLD"