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  1. Ripdog1

    [YouTube] Ripdog1's Channel - Skript Tutorials, Minecraft Minigames and More!

    Hello guys, I just recently started a YouTube channel that I will be posting Skript tutorials on the basics about Skript and will be going more into depth as the tutorials proceed. I will also be uploading other videos such as minigames, unique survival series, and much more. If you ever need...
  2. Ripdog1

    [Help] Armor Bar Not Visible When Armor Is Equipped

    As shown in the picture below, when I load my skript, armor is placed on the player, but when you look down near the hunger bar, no armor is shown to be on the player. A temporary fix I have found is if you simply remove the armor piece and place it back on then it shows the armor bar again...
  3. Ripdog1

    Mute Command

    I have tried to create a mute command and have tried other people's as well, but nothing seems to be working. Hopefully someone can help me with this. command /mute <player> <text>: permission: ON.mute permission message: {@PM} usage: /mute <player> <reason> trigger: set...