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    Solved Variable inside a variable?

    This will only work if you place the player's name at the end of the command - having arguments after it won't be possible.
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    Solved Variable inside a variable?

    I do not fully understand, but I got an idea. Maybe split %arg 1% by {player}? I am going to try this right now, and I post my code if someone else is also interested.
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    Solved Variable inside a variable?

    I am trying to execute a command, including each player's name it. Having the players "Player1", "Player2", "Player3", etc. and executing the command "/somecommand givecrate %{somevariable.player}%" should give a crate to all players. So what's the sense? There is no /giveallcrate command, so...
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    Solved Variable inside a variable?

    Skript Version: latest stable version Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 Hello there, As I described in the title, I am attempting to use a variable inside another variable. I know about {variable.%player%}, but here I think I need something more specific. Anyway, here's my code...