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  1. TX Plugins

    Solved While right click

    On right click: If {holdclick::%uuid of player%} is not set: Set {holdclick::%uuid of player%} to 0 While {holdclick::%uuid of player%} < 5: make player shoot snowball at speed 3 Wait 1 tick Add 1 to {holdclick::%uuid of player%} If {holdclick::%uuid of player%} is not set...
  2. TX Plugins

    Solved Get a character from text

    command /pickchar <number> <text>: trigger: set {_t::*} to arg 2 split at "" message {_t::%arg 1%}
  3. TX Plugins

    Minecraft Advent Calendar

    Send “%now%”
  4. TX Plugins

    API TXyaml [Discontinued] - UpperCase Fix

    - Fixed uppercase problems. So now "ConfigFile" is the same as "configfile"
  5. TX Plugins

    API TXyaml [Discontinued] - Addition

    - Added support to make use of '&' instead of '§' inside of yaml files.
  6. TX Plugins

    API TXyaml

    Thanks for the comment. About modifying the code this was wrongly written and was meant differently. (this has been updated). About the Refund stuff we wanted 1 text to work on all our scripts that aren't even online yett.
  7. TX Plugins

    API TXyaml [Discontinued] 0.3

    Warning! This api discontinued we recommend u to use: This api is not efficient in anyway for ur server. to read more about efficiency read here: Though i leave this online if...
  8. TX Plugins

    API TXyaml

    This addon allows you to use yml as a config. The syntax is similar to the skutillities addon. There for this script is incompatible with skutillities.