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  1. FistoF

    Gravity gun

    Minecraft version: 1.19.1 Skript version: 2.6.3 What I want: Script version of this.
  2. FistoF

    Hide nametags

    Spigot/Skript Version: Minecraft 1.19.1/Skript 2.6.3 What I want: Script that lets players to see other player's name tag only when directly looking at the player withing 3 blocks distance. Useful for roleplays and minigames. Ideas for permissions: OPs can always see the name tags.
  3. FistoF

    [Hiring] [TEMP] Minigame script

    I have got an offer, but if it founder, I'll discuss with you. e: Still hiring.
  4. FistoF

    [Hiring] [TEMP] Minigame script

    I'm working on a Star Wars-themed Minecraft server that needs a minigame script based on Ewok Hunt game mode from Battlefront II video game. Minecraft version 1.19. Offering: $20 after you demonstrate the minigame working on you server by playing a round with me. Contact me: Discord...
  5. FistoF

    Can someone make an simple skript to delete blocks?

    But what if someone breaks the block and places another block at the same location before the timer of the first block has ended?
  6. FistoF

    Can someone make an simple skript to delete blocks?

    on place: set {db.%event-location%.%player%} to event-location wait 5 minutes if {db.%event-location%.%player%} is set: set block at event-location to air clear {db.%event-location%.%player%} else if {db.%event-location%.%player%} is not set: stop on...
  7. FistoF

    Magic Carpet

    Category: Fun Name: MagicCarpet Spigot/Skript Version: Whichever is the newest at the time of making this script. Features: Script re-creation of the classic Minecraft plugin, Magic Carpet.
  8. FistoF

    Solved Item dropped on water

    I don't know how to do that.
  9. FistoF

    Solved Item dropped on water

    How to detect when when a dropped item hits water?
  10. FistoF

    Paint Skript

    on click on wool: player is not holding air cancel event set clicked block to player's tool
  11. FistoF

    Custom breaking speed

    That script literally does what op said on the example.
  12. FistoF

    Bounty Hunter's Guild

    Category: Minigames Name: Bounty Hunters' Guild Spigot/Skript Version: Whichever is the newest at the time of making this script. Features: The Mandalorian-inspired script. Players who have joined the group "Bounty Hunters' Guild" can set emerald bounties on other players using a command...
  13. FistoF

    Custom breaking speed

    on break: player's world = "world": player is not an op cancel event on tool change: wait 1 tick if the player is holding prismarine shard: name of tool of player is "[Lv1] Drill" apply haste 3 to the player for 100 hours if the player is not...
  14. FistoF

    Squad Shield

    More features to be added: There can be multiple squad shields at the same time The squad shield also protects vehicles The bubble and the brewing stand gets destroyed (drops as an item) after the squad shield has blocked a certain amount of damage The squad shield has a cooldown before it can...
  15. FistoF

    Ring-shaped particle projectile

    Category: Weapons Suggested name: Set For Stun Spigot/Skript Version: Whichever is the newest at the time of making the script. What I want: A bow that shoots 1 blue ring-shaped particle projectile that gives a Blindness, Slowness and a negative Jump Boost effects to the victim for 20 seconds...
  16. FistoF

    Tameable Ravagers

    Suggested name: "Tameable Ravagers" or "Rideable Ravager" Minecraft version: 1.16.5 or later What I want: Ravagers can be milked by using a bucket on them. Ravagers can be tamed by feeding it water bucket (Empties the bucket, Changes its skin to a saddled variant using Optifine and resource...
  17. FistoF

    Rename mob's tool

    Is there a way to change the name of a naturally spawned mob's weapon? I'm needing this so I can use it along with OptiFine's item name-based texture feature. E: I'm going to try: set main hand tool of last spawned pillager to crossbow named "Rifle"
  18. FistoF

    If block name is

    We were talking about dirt, not containers (which btw. are entities). Then why did you ask for help?
  19. FistoF

    If block name is

    Placked blocks don't have names. Try: on place of dirt named "&atest": set {dirt::%event-block's location%} on break of dirt: if {dirt::%event-block's location%} is set: send ":)" delete {dirt::%event-block's location%}
  20. FistoF

    Equip banner

    Didn't work.