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    Solved Problem with GUI lores.

    Hello everybody I am doing my own skript for Lottery game but when I do it with the GUI I came across a problem.. My skript has load for 3k ms for some reason.. only when I have gui with lore . When I remove the lore everything become normal and I have no idea why is like that here is the code ...
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    Help with TUSKE GUI

    Yes I have try it but it give me the item with the lore info in the line down, somehow it should not give me the item in my list with the lore of gui slot but it does format gui slot {} -1 of player with loop-value-2 with lore "" and "{@itembuying}" and "&7&l{@itemprice}&f&l...
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    Help with TUSKE GUI

    Hello everybody, I am making my own skript for voting points | shop but I have a few problem with the GUI of Tuskie or even dont know how to do it. So this is my code for buy an item from the Shop trigger: if arg 1 is "shop": if arg 2 is not set: if arg...
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    Hello skunity this is my 1st post here i think so. So I try to made my own /home with pages but no effect.. So I saw this category hope somebody can help me thanks so much ! Category: Home Suggested name: Home with pages. What I want: I want my /home command to be with pages each page with 5...