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  1. Marsbar

    Solved Get player's chestplate

    Don't want to take up more of people who reply. I don't really care abt this anymore:P But thx for reply and gonna test it later:P
  2. Marsbar

    Solved Skript Reload Console Error.

    #!#! at ch.njol.skript.lang.SkriptParser.parse_i( #!#! at ch.njol.skript.lang.SkriptParser.parse( #!#! at ch.njol.skript.lang.SkriptParser.parse( #!#! at ch.njol.skript.lang.SkriptParser.parseSingleExpr(
  3. Marsbar

    Solved Get player's chestplate

    Yea thanks for answer (sry for late reply) but I've tried that. Same thing.
  4. Marsbar

    Solved Get player's chestplate

    Yea i am aware of send "%type of player's chestplate%" But that fails. When I take of the chestplate, it still says I have a chestplate on. Any other way?
  5. Marsbar

    Skript broken / not working

    Oh, yea. I meant the specific skript version. Like skript 2.2 dev 36. It's because I've had errors with the wrong plugin. But my friend gave me another working skript 2.2 dev 36.
  6. Marsbar

    How to detect above of the player is air?

    if sunlight level at block above event-block > 5
  7. Marsbar

    Skript broken / not working

    If the code above (with skquery) doesn't work, then it might be your current skript version. What skript version do you have and what addons and their versions? It seems like a great skript. But I have few pieces of advice for you. 1. Split the skripts up in different files. Unless you're just...
  8. Marsbar

    How to set variable to blocks?

    add the location to a dictionary set {listofblocks::%location of loop-block%} to "lapis" on click on lapis ore: if {listofblocks::%location of event-block%} is "lapis" Your errors: You use local variables. Underscore marks a variable as local. Local means that the variable gets deleted...
  9. Marsbar

    SlowChat / Slow Chat

    Mark the post as solved
  10. Marsbar

    Need Help

    Found this post. Requires mundosk, protocollib 4.1+ and maybe placeholderapi. Set nametag of player to Further documentation can be found on skripthub I Will reply if u need more help Here are the docs
  11. Marsbar

    Solved "command" syntax does not work with a long command

    Ofc. Did you know you can do the same trick with % and # If you want either ",# or % in a string, it needs to be double.
  12. Marsbar

    Need Help

    Nbt. But that wont work properly
  13. Marsbar

    Need Help

    Idk, maybe with nametagedit
  14. Marsbar

    Need Help

    Explain yourself. If "%player's chestplate%" is "golden chestplate": You can hide a player from EVERYONE: hide player from all players reveal player to all players Do note that this removes the player from being visible at all. No armor showed, no tab list name showed, no anything. The...
  15. Marsbar

    Solved "command" syntax does not work with a long command

    Ofc ofc ;) Never seen the syntax Command before. Must be above 1.8 then. But of what I can see, its because of " It understands it as the end of the text. Replace every single " with two of " "" in skript means a single " INSIDE a text column. Little hard to understand, But here the...
  16. Marsbar

    SlowChat / Slow Chat

    Problem? Describe
  17. Marsbar

    error code inventory of the player is not a world

    Please, mark this post as solved and show your problem and your answer. This is to help others with similar issues
  18. Marsbar

    Variable help

    Can you explain? What are the variables set to? Describe everything
  19. Marsbar

    Removing entities between 2 locations

    Right, you want to loop it in a cube? Your code: Loops blocks in a 1 block direction. Like the path of an arrow shot from loc 1 to loc 2 Wrong tabs Help: This contains a snippet for what you are trying to reach
  20. Marsbar

    Anti-fly help??

    Yea, ive got an anyocheat too. The thing about these skript antihelt, is that they lag the server as heck. Ph0enix,a youtuber has a good anticheat tho Lol my phone likes autocorrect Yea, ive got an anticheat too. The thing about these skript anticheats, is that they lag the server as heck...