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  1. Trixxer

    Solved /baltop command

    cant because cubedcraft's limitations are really bad anyways it worked aweusm ty
  2. Trixxer

    Solved /baltop command

    2.5-beta3 btw not the latest because yes (paperspigot 1.16) also function sort(indices: strings, values: numbers, descending: boolean = true) :: strings: loop {_indices::*}: set {_whole} to rounded down {_values::%loop-index%} set {_fraction} to mod({_values::%loop-index%}...
  3. Trixxer

    Solved /baltop command

    alright, will try it later didnt work, it uses uuids to store data so when i run the command it always appears with <none> for the balance so like this {eco::###} hashtags are the uuid of the player
  4. Trixxer

    Solved /baltop command

    i tried one of those but i always get a condition error with 'the size of' something idk, plus im using 2.5-beta3 so yeah thats why lmao
  5. Trixxer

    Solved /baltop command

    no its like using {###::*} to get the sorted list to the top 10 highest values (biggest to smallest) (including the plr names)
  6. Trixxer

    Solved /baltop command

    can somebody make a baltop command for me, i'd like it appear before 2/11/2021 (british format) 19:30 GMT+1 i'm using 2.5-beta3 and paperspigot 1.16, skellet, sknbeet, skquery and skript-db
  7. Trixxer

    Solved internal error when trying to give a player a stick which is a variable

    sk version: 2.5-beta3 (cubedcraft why :(((((((((( ) version: 1.16.5 addons:SkQuery, skRayFall and Skellet the only thing i get when i use the command is 'An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command.' code: command /baka: trigger: set {_stick} to stick enchant...