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  1. Dovias

    [expression] Split text by every "x" characters.

    Want to split text by every "x" characters, but cant find an expression which does this? No problem, just use this freshly made expression by me!. Add this to new .sk file or at the top of your skript of choice. You could use this without the skript-mirror, but i know there's a lot of people who...
  2. Dovias

    Minecraft font to Unicode font converter.

    Before: After: Have you ever wondered how to get unique fonts in to your minecraft server? Well this is now possible! Here's minecraft font to unicode font converter, which converts minecraft mapped font letters to unicode ones without having a hassle to convert texts by yourself using an...
  3. Dovias

    [ViaVersion] Get player's client version.

    Want to get player's client version, but ViaVersion is overwriting player's packets which at the end provide spoofed client version? No problem, just use ViaVersion's API! here's a simple expression which i made in 5 minutes. Add this to new .sk file or at the top of your skript of choice. You...
  4. Dovias

    [skript-mirror] Player heads with textures

    Wanna get textured player heads without using SkNBeet addon? No problem! You can do so using this expression, that i've made up for myself! import: org.bukkit.Material org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack org.bukkit.SkullType com.destroystokyo.paper.profile.ProfileProperty java.util.UUID...
  5. Dovias

    Vanilla GUI anti dupe fixes.

    These not really are snippets but, these are useful things which prevent some annoying bugs, or dupes within vanilla GUI's Anti "Move all items from container to player's cursor" dupe Requires skript-mirror: import: org.bukkit.event.inventory.InventoryType...
  6. Dovias

    Renaming variables

    Is there any ways to rename or duplicate list variables? I know there's a way of it using the tree of expression from MundoSK i think, but if there's any vanilla way to do that? thanks! btw set {variable1::*} to {variable2::*}, doesn't work. Tried it already. :emoji_disappointed: