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  1. jaylawl

    Solved Cant >Add< NBT to existing Item

    SkStuff's NBT on 1.12 works for items and mobs, but not tile entities (because TukeNuke didnt bother to fix that in his fork). But any version below 1.12, SkStuff should be good for, as it was maintained until 1.11. However, *adding* NBT to an existing item simply isn't an option with SkStuff...
  2. jaylawl

    Solved Actionbar

    Skript version: 2.1.2 This version is about 4 years old. It's unlikely you will find support for this version
  3. jaylawl

    wait yaml value

    This is fixed in the upcoming version of skript:
  4. jaylawl

    Solved Get the amount of clicked item

    Use "item amount": Item Amount: ID: ExprItemAmount Description: The amount of an item stack. Examples: send "You have got %item amount of player's tool% %player's tool% in your hand !" to player Since: 2.2-dev24...
  5. jaylawl

    Solved Local variable error

    These might be errornous type warnings:
  6. jaylawl

    Shane's Expressions (Rainbow Text/words)(String of random Char)

    hey you're welcome. we're in this together... this mission to shorten lines of code x)
  7. jaylawl

    Shane's Expressions (Rainbow Text/words)(String of random Char)

    I know the feeling :emoji_sweat_smile: really hate long lines of code
  8. jaylawl

    Shane's Expressions (Rainbow Text/words)(String of random Char)

    any reason in particular you're doing this add "a" and "b" and "c" and "d" and "e" and "f" and "g" and "h" and "i" and "j" and "k" and "l" and "m" instead of this: add "a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g", "h", "i", "j", "k", "l" and "m" ? :emoji_astonished:
  9. jaylawl

    Remove Lore

    The issue is that SkQuery is overwriting Skript's vanilla lore-expression. Unfortunately, since it's a property expression in SkQuery, the only way to stop it from doing this, is to remove it. So if you're depending on SkQuery for your stuff to work, i can only recommend to use an NBT add-on to...
  10. jaylawl

    Remove Lore

    just for testing's sake, try `delete player's tool's lore` without skquery installed
  11. jaylawl

    Remove Lore

    Are you using SkQuery by any chance?
  12. jaylawl

    Remove Lore

    If you're using an NBT add-on you can use something like: add "{display:{Lore:[]}}" to player's tool's nbt Otherwise, i think the only way with vanilla Skript is to make a copy of the item without the lore: set {_new-item} to {_old-item} named {_old-item}'s name This worked just fine: delete...
  13. jaylawl

    Anvil Questions!

    Try my addon expressionsplus: set player's repair cost to 999 this will make it un-repairable, but only until a new item is put into the anvil. automatically resets to 0 when leaving the anvil inventory.
  14. jaylawl

    Set pitch and yaw

    Setting pitch/yaw directly does only work via NBT editing. Otherwise you'll have to use the methode from qKing above, where you teleport the entity to a location with a new pitch and/or yaw
  15. jaylawl

    Addon jNBT - 0.3.2

    0.3.2 Fixed some more NPEs on the "tag %string% of nbt" expression
  16. jaylawl

    Placeholder from Offline Player

    What are you trying to parse - a UUID or a player's name? AFAIK only UUIDs can be parsed as offline players reliably
  17. jaylawl

    Placeholder from Offline Player

    set {_p} to xxx parsed as offline player set {_ph} to {_p}'s placeholder yyy This?
  18. jaylawl

    Addon ExpressionsPlus

    jaylawl submitted a new resource: ExpressionsPlus - Additional expressions for your Skript library Read more about this resource...
  19. jaylawl

    Addon ExpressionsPlus 0.1

    ExpressionsPlus Additional stuff for your Skripting. Installation Requires: Spigot 1.12.* Soft-depends on: PaperSpigot 1.12.* For some expressions Put the jar in the plugins-folder Restart the server (observe the console for errors) Links Github...
  20. jaylawl

    Solved Alternative of +20

    modulation = remove Y from X as often as possible with remainder (rest) Z mod(X, Y) = Z You can do it :emoji_slight_smile: mod(wallet, bills) = coins