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  1. PugaBear

    Addon PurpleSk - Download URL Fix

    This is an update posted by skUnity updating the download URL of the resource to a version located on
  2. PugaBear

    Addon PurpleSk - Download Link Fix

    Download Link Fix
  3. PugaBear

    Addon LiteBansSk - Fix Download Link

    Fix Download Like - Love Wheezy
  4. PugaBear

    Addon LiteBansSk - Small bugfixes/additions

    You can now add ip to the create entry effect. Fixed bug where all new entries made by litebans were in seconds See wiki for examples
  5. PugaBear

    Addon LiteBansSk - Create Entry effect & code improvements

    Create Entry Effect [silently] (ban|mute|kick|warn) %string% [with reason %string%] [for duration %timespan%] [as %string%] See the wiki for an example There's been a lot of improvements to the code that, other than maybe fixing rare bugs, shouldn't make any difference.
  6. PugaBear

    Addon LiteBansSk

    PugaBear submitted a new resource: LiteBansSk - Use LiteBans' API in Skript Read more about this resource...
  7. PugaBear

    Addon LiteBansSk 0.6.1

    Features: Listen for LiteBans ban/mute/kick/warn events Retrieve information about those events, such as executor, banned player, reason, duration, and more Listen for LiteBans broadcast events Useful for sending the message to other platforms, such as Discord, IRC, Slack, etc. Use Skript...
  8. PugaBear

    Addon WolvSK (1.8-1.16.1)

    I forked the addon on Github and added a way to disable registration of certain parts of the addon (for conflicting syntaxes with other addons). I also mavenized and changed a lot, so I am not going to submit a pull request, unless you want me to. However, if you don't want me to, could you...
  9. PugaBear

    Skript Unique search system!

    I made a slight change to make sure that the sign does not break things such as plants: function packetSign(lines: strings, player: player): loop blocks in radius 4 around location of {_player}: if loop-block is air: set {_loc} to location of loop-block set...
  10. PugaBear

    Addon PurpleSk - IRCMessageEvent is now cancellable

    Make sure you grab the most recent version of PurpleIRC. Just use 'cancel event'
  11. PugaBear

    Addon PurpleSk - Event-channel and event-recipient expressions

    Thanks to cnaude, the developer of PurpleIRC, I was able to add an event-channel and event-recipient (for PMs) expression for the irc message event. Please make sure to update PurpleIRC (min. build 283) when you update PurpleSk. Full documentation is on the wiki!
  12. PugaBear

    Addon PurpleSk - Lots of stuff!

    Everything is documented on the wiki! New expressions: Hostmask of user Channels of bot Users in channel Banned list (from config) Ops list (from config) Voices list (from config) New effects: Say Private message Send raw Join channel Leave channel Op user Deop user Voice user Devoice user Ban...
  13. PugaBear

    Addon PurpleSk - Use change() methods instead of a different effect to set the message

    Small change to allow you to use set irc message to "%string%" and related expressions more efficiently and without problems.
  14. PugaBear

    Addon PurpleSk

    Hello! Welcome to the PurpleSk discussion page. Please note that I will not often check this page- if you wish to discuss the addon, the quickest way to reach me is on the Skript Chat Addon Discord server. I will usually respond immediately unless I am asleep.
  15. PugaBear

    Addon PurpleSk 1.6

    Just a simple addon to hook into PurpleIRC and interact with IRC -> Ingame messages. What is IRC? IRC is a very old but still widely used chat protocol. An example of IRC can be found at PurpleIRC connects an IRC channel with the ingame minecraft chat. Example...