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  1. Wolwer

    Merged to Java

    Merged to Java
  2. Wolwer

    I love cats :3

    I love cats :3
  3. Wolwer

    Solved block break particle

    Hello! I need to create redstone block break particles (for "blood explosition" kill effect). I think, I need to use skDragon. Can you help me? Like this: (but 2-blocks high at location of player) Thx <3 nvm I made it drawDot count 250, particle "blockdust", material redstone block, XYZ...
  4. Wolwer

    Sell a full stack while player's sneaking

    Please, put all code into code section: Like this
  5. Wolwer

    Recommmended Skript for Spigot 1.8.8

    I'm using 2.2-dev36
  6. Wolwer

    Solved Make citizen equip nothing

    Thanks <3
  7. Wolwer

    Solved Make citizen equip nothing

    Hello. I need to make citizen equip random armor. I tried do this: make citizen {_n} equip iron_boots or leather_boots or diamond_boots or golden_boots Etc. from Boots to helmet And I need a chance, when npc willn't equip something (for example, it will not equip boots or leggings) Question...
  8. Wolwer

    Solved Differences?

    Hi! I want to knew, if there is differences between command /ban [<offline player>]: trigger: set {ban.%arg 1%} to "true" kick arg 1 due to "&cBanned" on join: if {ban.%player%} is "true": kick player due to "&cBanned" And command /ban [<offline player>]...
  9. Wolwer

    Solved MySQL DB connect

    Hi. I need help. I need to write data in my mysql database with bans data. For example: Database: 'skBans' -------|-------------|---------|------------- | ID | Name | time | Reason --------------------------------------------- So should I use this...
  10. Wolwer

    Solved Change data writing format

    Thank you. It works! Again thanx <3
  11. Wolwer

    Solved Change data writing format

    Hi! I need help. I need to change data writing format from: 8/15/19 9:38 PM To 8-15-19 9:38 EST How to do this? Thanks <3
  12. Wolwer

    Solved Random ID's generator

    Omg I used really SO many variables in memory, but the performance of my server isn't going down. I think, the performance issue isn't a big problem. Anyway, this code should work. Thank you for your reply.
  13. Wolwer

    Solved Random ID's generator

    Ok, so if I will create those variables, than use it and after will remove them, will I get performance issues? command /genabcd: trigger: set {id::*} to "A", "E", "Z", "O", "F", "P" and "L" set {id1::*} to "A", "E", "Z", "O", "F", "P" and "L" set {id2::*} to...
  14. Wolwer

    Solved Random ID's generator

  15. Wolwer

    Solved Random ID's generator

    Hrm, I watched a thread on spigot and saw interesting skript: Maybe we should create a list with chars and than randomize them. For example: command /abcd: trigger: set {id::*} to "A", "E", "Z", "O", "F"...
  16. Wolwer

    Solved Random ID's generator

    Some examples? I've read this in docs: But I need to create a short id (6 CAPS-letters with numbers). I think, it can be created with more simple way... P.s. sorry for bad English
  17. Wolwer

    Solved Random ID's generator

    Idk if it possible in skript. But I need to create it ._.
  18. Wolwer

    Solved Random ID's generator

    Hi! I need to create a random ID's (numbers with letters value) generator. Smith like: set {_id} to "%random integer between 111111 and ZZZZZZ%" Please, help. <3
  19. Wolwer

    Solved Change Y-coordinate in variable

    Thanks! It works. Again thanks <3
  20. Wolwer

    Solved Change Y-coordinate in variable

    Error. [Server thread/ERROR]: Can't understand this expression: '2 blocks behind the player' (, line 23: set {_loc} to 2 blocks behind the player') [Server thread/ERROR]: Can't understand this expression: '1.5 blocks above player' (, line 24: set {_loc} to 1.5 blocks above player')...