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  1. J

    Capture Point Capping

    Im having trouble with a KOTH, so as long as a player is in the control point, it will keep adding points until it reaches 500, I have no trouble when players are no longer capping the point, but when they go back into the point it adds all the points that the player would have gained if he was...
  2. J

    Function to Mob Spawn depending on Room teleport

    So I wanna make it so custom mobs spawn in set locations depending on the room the players enter. For example if player Steve gets teleported to room 1, mobs spawn at locations A & B of the room 1. then Steve moves to room 2, mobs spawn at locations A & B of room 2. The thing is room teleport...
  3. J

    Solved Teleport player to random saved location

    Thank you! This is great!
  4. J

    Solved Teleport player to random saved location

    #--- TELEPORT LOCATIONS ---# options: dungeon1: 0, 45, 0 dungeon2: 0, 100, 0 dungeon3: 0, 90, 0 dungeon4: 0, 30, 0 dungeon5: 0, 200, 0 on load: add "{@dungeon1}" to {dungeonlist::*} add "{@dungeon2}" to {dungeonlist::*} add "{@dungeon3}" to {dungeonlist::*}...
  5. J

    Money Generator

    I'm trying to make it so every time a player places a gray glazed terracotta (money generator), it gives them $1 every 5 seconds, I want that very specific placed block to be bound to the player, so when builders destroy gray glazed terracotta it doesn't send them a message, and also, for the $1...
  6. J

    Drag and Drop Sell GUI

    Hello, I'm trying to make a GUI when /sell is done. You are supposed to drag and drop the listed items then they will be sold and give the player the set money. Here's what I got so far, I get no errors, the GUI opens correctly but when I drop the items and close the GUI, nothing happens...
  7. J

    Solved Fortune Custom Drops

    I want players to break obsidian and get a nether star and that it goes straight into the inventory without dropping. so far that works and so does the fortune 1 enchantment. But when I use fortune 2 or 3 it acts as if I was using fortune 1, giving me 2 nether star. How can I make it so the...
  8. J

    Custom drop for fortune enchantment.

    I'm on a minehut server and couldn't find a plugin that would do it. I also just want the players to mine the block and make the item go to their inventories directly without dropping.
  9. J

    Custom drop for fortune enchantment.

    I'm trying to make it so the higher the fortune, the higher the the number, I have this setup but only works with fortune 1, no errors. on break of coal block: if player's tool is enchanted with fortune 1: cancel event set block to air give player 64 coal else if...
  10. J

    Multiple GUIs with same action

    USING VANILLA GUIS Current Addons: Skellet, SkRayFall, TuSke I'm setting up a pickaxe upgrade system. They right click their current pick so it opens the gui and they can purchase the following tier. However, my script is stuck and only works with the first tier. When I open up the second pick...
  11. J

    Solved Teleport on death event instead of dying.

    It works,but still shows the player deathscreen :(
  12. J

    Solved Vanilla GUI If player has item

    Im trying to make it so when a player clicks on the gui item, it "upgrades" the current item. Im using vanilla GUIS. Nothing happens when the item is clicked. on inventory click: if event-slot is wooden pickaxe named "&8Wooden &7Pickaxe &8[&e2&8]": if player has 128 coal: give...
  13. J

    Solved Teleport on death event instead of dying.

    I've got this so far, but the victim is not teleported back to spawn. It just cancels the death event and can keep on "dying". on death: attacker is a player if victim is a player: cancel event add 15 to the attacker's account teleport victim to location at (25, 98, 5) in...
  14. J

    Pickaxe Upgrade GUI Help

    So my script lets you open the upgrade menu on right click. I want so players can only upgrade their pickaxes through the GUI but when the pickaxe is clicked, it only closes the menu and nothing else happens. on right click: if name of player's tool is "&8Wood &7Pickaxe &8[&e1&8]": wait 1...
  15. J

    How do I check if the player is in a region?

    "region_test" should be the exact same name of your world guard region as how it appears in the region list if that isn't the case. Make a new region, in this case this one is called myregion and replace your code with on command "/test69": if "%region at player%" contains "myregion"...
  16. J

    How do I check if the player is in a region?

    try: Trigger: if "%region at player%" contains "region_spawn" region_spawn being the example name of the World Guard Region