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  1. eyzk

    [HELP REQUEST] Addons for Tutorials!

    The updated list can be found at
  2. eyzk

    [HELP REQUEST] Addons for Tutorials!

    Making Your First Skript a work-in-progress tutorial I'm creating a Skript tutorial, and want to include a list of popular addons, but I'm not sure which ones to include. Please reply with any addons you've used, which version they're for, and what they do! Thank you to everybody that helps...
  3. eyzk

    Solved Keep Effects After Death

    Make sure you're formatting correct. The docs can help with this. loop all potion effects of player
  4. eyzk

    GUI script

    - Don't use AI to generate code. It almost never works. Just learn how to write the code yourself from tutorials or documentation. - You're opening the GUI to {_p}, which does not exist since you haven't set it to anything. - (numbers between 0 and 9) include decimal places. Use integers instead.
  5. eyzk

    Economy Reset

    You don't need to use percent signs outside of quotes. You can just do if arg = "reset":
  6. eyzk

    Script SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0

    eyzk submitted a new resource: SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 - Simple, customizable backpacks in just 10 lines (when compressed)! Read more about this resource...
  7. eyzk

    Script SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 2.2-dev34+

    SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 Simple, customizable backpacks in just 10 lines (when compressed)! Compressed? Remove all notes, options, line breaks, and permissions for 10-lines of backpacking beauty! Download the file above, or copy the code from below. # SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 # Please do not delete...