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    Block to Loacation

    That store a variable of type location. I needed obtain the location from a block without storing a variable, i alredy solved with this: %location of {block}%
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    Manage items of chest

    I give up! I don't know how to manage items from a chest: I want to remove a certain amount of items from one chest and add another items to another chest. {factories::%loop-index%::input} => This is a chest block {factories::%loop-index%::input::item} => This is an item #Add 10 of item to...
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    Block to Loacation

    Hi, i´m really new in Skript, i read the documentation but still doesn't figure how to convert a variable of type block to location. Thanks. Nevermind... i feel dumb jaja I did i like this: %location of {block}%