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    Solved Zombie teleport

    This might work, I'm not able to test it right now. on damage: victim is zombie loop blocks in radius 10 of victim: if loop-block is air: add loop-block to {_b::*} teleport victim to random element out of {_b::*}
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    Paint Skript

    Link doesn't work but from what I understand... on right click with wool: cancel event set clicked block to player's tool
  3. M


    In the future, put your script into code format. Also, I'm pretty sure we're confused by your question.
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    i need help making a GEN skript

    What doesn't work? Please elaborate. From looking at your skript, you have a ton of indentation errors.
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    Make a prison command

    Create a command, open an inventory to the player, format slots 0-9 with items that teleport the player to the cells.
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    Events Help needed

    So... uhh.... well... 1) 10000000 ticks is a long time... a long long time... you can use seconds or minutes if you want to. 2) you dont use "trigger" with events like this, only with commands 3) Here's your fix: on death: victim is player set player's gamemode to spectator wait 1...
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    Solved Random level enchant

    No problem, please mark this post as solved and my post as best answer.
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    Solved Random level enchant

    Set a variable to the bow then enchant the variable then give the player the variable
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    Skript cooldown cancel if player leaves inventory

    command /warps: trigger: open virtual chest with 1 rows named "&a&lWarps" to player format gui slot 1 of player with Grass block named "&aEurope" to run: set {_waited} to difference between {cake.%player%.lastused} and now if {_waited} is less than 30...
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    Can we detect critic attacks

    This post describes how to do it using the skript-mirror addon. Other than that, you might be able to succeed by checking if the player is in barely in the air when they hit somebody, as that's when critical hits...
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    How to create custom quests using skript?

    Few things to note here: You shouldn't check a variable every time a player swings their arm. Instead, you could set the variable on first join or even on join. Next, you should check if the attacker is player before proceeding to check and add to variables. And of course, use player UUID's...
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    Getting item in a certain slot.

    Have you tried slot 4 of inventory of player
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    Solved Clickable chat text

    send "<url:>&a&l[CLICK HERE]<reset>" to player This should show up in chat "&a&l[CLICK HERE]", not the link.
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    Is Member/Owner of Region

    What kind of other option would you want? The one Aawqq gave is what you asked for.
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    Solved Random level enchant

    command /reenchant: trigger: enchant the player's held item with "sharpness %random integer between 1 and 100%" parsed as enchantment type
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    For some reason this skript is not working

    I wouldn't use skript to make this for many reasons. When you use ghost blocks, if they relog they can see the normal blocks again. Also, normal chunk loading is already intensive enough for most servers so you don't want to make it worse.
  17. M

    Progress bar using vertical pipes

    I was wondering how I could go from a percentage to fill in a series of vertical pipes to &a for that percentage. Ex. 50% would turn the vertical pipes to &c in the middle of the lines. &a|||||||||||||||||||||||||&c||||||||||||||||||||||||| Hopefully I explained this well enough, thanks :)
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    Setting block resistance for blocks?

    Hello, I would like to know if there was any possible way to have a block have more resistance? Such as... ^ The dragon egg has a block resistance of 45, whereas the netherrack has a resistance of 2, any way to up the resistance to more than 2 for...
  19. M

    Checking saved inventory for items

    The way I save my items is like so: on inventory close: if inventory name of player's current inventory "Vault": loop 9 times: set {vault.items.%player%::%loop-number - 1%} to slot "%loop-number - 1%" parsed as an integer of current inventory of player But how could I...
  20. M

    Solved Client Block not working?

    I'll work on that, is there any way of making the player see 3 blocks outwards of the target block to glass? Like 000 0X0 000 X = Target Block (also glass) 0 = Glass