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  1. Qurao

    prevent use custom item in craft

    How i can prevent use custom item, for example: leather named "Test leather" in craft? Minecraft 1.16.3, Paper
  2. Qurao

    Solved CustomItems plugin and give

    Hi I have a problem. I have Skript, CustomItems and Minecraft 1.16.3. I created a diamond nugget item. I am trying to issue it via Skript: give diamond nugget to player and e.t.c. It doesn't work, I've tried almost everything
  3. Qurao

    inventory GUI

    I tried to upload skript-mirror to the server, but as I understand it does not support 1.15.2. I am using Paper 1.15.2. Error while loading the server (appears very many times): [12:57:52] [Server thread/ERROR]: [Skript] 1 log handler was not stopped properly! (at...
  4. Qurao

    inventory GUI

    I have a code, but it doesn't work and gives an error: [15:36:04 ERROR]: [Skript] In 1.13+ you cannot get the title name of an inventory outside of an InventoryClickEvent, Only if this inventory has an InventoryHolder may it be used in this state. Code: on rightclick on player: if...
  5. Qurao

    Solved give and argument

    Thank you, that work)
  6. Qurao

    Solved give and argument

    I am trying to write a code to transfer gold nuggets between players. I am trying to write a code to transfer gold nuggets between players I tried to enter a code like this through the code, but it didn't work: give arg-1 gold nuggets to arg-2 I had to stop at such a solution. What can be...
  7. Qurao

    Change nick above head

    How can I change the player’s nickname above head(nametag) on version 1.15.2, Paper. Advised to use MundoSK, but it does not support 1.15.2. Thank you in advance.