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  1. Daveroll

    Parser Addon Suggestions

    Hi! I use Minehut and am limited to the addons that they give. MorkazSk helps make sound effects and I often have to ignore a bunch of the parser errors whenever i work with this feature. SkRayfall is a great plugin for bossbars and the other plugin that made bossbars is not available in...
  2. Daveroll

    Rotating logs

    I'm making trees "fall" when you mine the bottom like the fallen trees in minecraft Bedrock Edition but I don't know how to make skript place rotated logs. Maybe i can put NBT in the logs somehow to change the axis??? says Version:V8 and I'm on 1.14 i know there is a "facing"...
  3. Daveroll

    Parser doesnt work :(

    Parser doesnt work :(