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  1. i0nqthqn

    SkQuery A Simple Report System

    # __________________________________________________________ # / / / /\ \ # \_\___________________________________________________\_\/ / # / / _____ __ __ / / # / / / ____\ / /...
  2. i0nqthqn

    crate skript

    am mi a fsz, most nézem h magyar xd
  3. i0nqthqn

    crate skript

    bruh, fan staaff
  4. i0nqthqn


    uhf fuck
  5. i0nqthqn


    # cmd command /cmd <string> <string> <string> <string>: trigger: message "%arg-1% is the best" message "%arg-2% is the cutie" message "%arg-3% is the noob" message "and %arg-4% is the lazy" on tab complete of "/cmd": # tab completion command set tab...