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  1. SpinKnight

    If player has permission?

    is this permission, that is given to the player every 2 hours, given by Luckperms or Skript itself
  2. SpinKnight

    Solved How to find out if {_a} is a multiple of 10

    %integer% is divisible by %integer%
  3. SpinKnight

    Solved "if lore of player's held item contains" doesn't execute the following code

    It works completely fine for me. No errors.
  4. SpinKnight

    Skript GUI

    Here's a little example for vanilla GUIs command inv: trigger: open chest inventory with 3 rows named "&f&lVanilla GUI" to player set slot 1 of player's current inventory to diamond named "test" set slot 7 of player's current inventory to emerlad named "test"...
  5. SpinKnight

    GUI Bug?

    There's absolutely no need for SkStuff in your code. Vanilla Skript contains the Clicked Inventory expression .
  6. SpinKnight

    Skript Things you probably didn't know were available in vanilla Skript

    Thank you for creating this thread. This will most certainly be helpful to the majority of new players.
  7. SpinKnight

    Solved Tuske GUI - Save item

    first off, Shane, this is not Tuske "format slot" Tuske is with the "gui" inserted format|create|make gui slot I saw this earlier on the Discord: set {contents::%player's uuid%::*} to items in player's inventory
  8. SpinKnight

    2 in 1

  9. SpinKnight

    2 types of arguments at same time?

    Just make it [<text>] instead of [<text> or <player>] Then check if the text is parsed as a player
  10. SpinKnight

    Solved on rightclick on chest with names items

    Placed blocks doesn't have custom names
  11. SpinKnight

    Repair tool

  12. SpinKnight

    Repair tool

    command /repair [<text>]: trigger: if arg-1 is not set: if {tokens::%UUID of player%} is greater than 9: send "test" repair tool of player remove 9 from {tokens::%UUID of player%} else: send...
  13. SpinKnight

    Solved Translation of cooldown?

    Thank you, for helping me!
  14. SpinKnight

    Help with skript

    you playing on your own server?
  15. SpinKnight

    Help with skript

    What version of TuSKe are you using?
  16. SpinKnight

    Help with skript

    Hmm, ok. I'll try that
  17. SpinKnight

    Help with skript

    Hmmm, I'm also having the same problem and I use Tuske, but it doesn't work... What other plugins do you need? :O
  18. SpinKnight

    Solved Translation of cooldown?

    Idk how to make the code, okay?
  19. SpinKnight

    Solved Translation of cooldown?

    Don't really know where to put it. I'm stupiid command /cooldown: trigger: set {_time} to "%difference between 10 seconds and {_time}%" replace "seconds" in {_time} with "sekunder" if {_time} is less than 10 seconds: send "&7Du er nød til at vente...