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  1. foxyplush

    Arena regeneration

    The easiest way to do this (at least from what I've found) is to have a pre-made world which is copied and pasted. I'd suggest using Multiverse Core to do this. I have a little code snippet if you want to modify it to your needs (I won't send it now just incase you'd like to build this...
  2. foxyplush

    disky online command

    Two little things: 1. Your "set {_s::*} to the string argument split at ","" is not needed as there are no arguments in your command. 2. I've done a bit of testing, and the "all players" statement doesn't appear to work in this context (please correct me if I'm wrong). I've also found that the...
  3. foxyplush

    Help with postions of blocks

    Comparing locations in Skript is very specific, so the syntax also isn't too flexible. You'll need to specific with what location you're checking. You can use the location() function in this case. This example would look like: if block's location is location(186, 5, -19, world "shop") # or you...
  4. foxyplush

    Faction skript "invite" funciton

    Would you be able to provide more information on why this doesn't work (things like errors or what's not working with it)? And thanks for formatting it, yea rite.
  5. foxyplush

    skrayfall: send "" to arg-2 for arg-3 seconds

    Two things I've found: 1. Since arg-2 is a text, you'll need to specify that you want arg-1 to be handled like a player. 2. When setting (or sending) something for a certain period of time, it requires a timespan. Due to how Skript works, even though arg-3 is an integer, it's not a usable value...
  6. foxyplush

    Solved Enchant fail

    From personal testing, you code seems to work, granted, I have another addon (SkBee) installed. I would suggest that you change the initial location of the radius to the broken block (changing "loop all blocks around player in radius 3:" to "loop all blocks around target block in radius 3:")...
  7. foxyplush

    Help me Please!

    Essentials format must be format: '{rp_gender} <{DISPLAYNAME}> {MESSAGE}' in order to work. In the skript I sent above, you create a placeholder (as there's no other way to put a skript variable to other plugins that I know of) which would normally be %rp_gender% in most cases. Essentials isn't...
  8. foxyplush

    Help me Please!

    It should work. What does your Essentials chat format line look like (and what in-game chat looks like)?
  9. foxyplush

    Need help with skript

    on inventory click: if event-slot = 36, 37, 38 or 39: if {Logbat.%player%} is set: cancel event This should work, keep in mind that all slots in an inventory are kept by numbers, if you need to know the slot's id, check out the image on this page. Reply or message me if...
  10. foxyplush

    Help me Please!

    The link attached to the text is the updated version, here's the link though: Hope this helps!
  11. foxyplush

    Help me Please!

    Ah, sorry. You should be able to use ChatInjector (Latest version of PlaceholderAPI is needed) and Skript-Placeholders to make this work. Using this skript: on papi request for prefix "rp": if the identifier is "gender": set the result to "%{gender.%player%}%" Then add: format...
  12. foxyplush

    I have no clue how to fix this the errors say indention errors but if i fix it it doesnt work!

    command /activeduty [<text>]: permission: trigger: if {vias.%player%} is not set: send "&cIf you are caught abusing this (we have logs) you will be demoted and possibly banned." to player set {vias.%player%} to 1 set {loc} to...
  13. foxyplush

    Solved Empty Configuration Section

    Sadly, I'm not able to see your indentation, so I can't see the errors (I would suggest using the code blocks or by surrounding your code in ([)CODE(]) and ([)/CODE(]) (remove the parentheses) ), but this might work as I don't have the rest of the skript: command /sumo: trigger: if...
  14. foxyplush

    Help With Inventory Click

    command /blockshop: trigger: set metadata tag "blockshop" of player to chest inventory with 6 rows named "&8Shop &7> &aBlocks" set slot 0 of metadata tag "blockshop" of player to grass block named "<##5ad0e8>64x Grass Block" with lore "" and "&fBuy For: &a$16" and "" and...
  15. foxyplush

    Help me Please!

    Are you asking for a configuration of config.yml in essentials or a skript? If you're asking for the config.yml, then I would suggest editing line 888 (the 'format' option) to format: 'MyServer <{DISPLAYNAME}> {MESSAGE}' replacing 'MyServer' with your server name If you're asking for a skript...
  16. foxyplush

    Help With setting player for a variable

    on damage of player: # When using a damage event on a player, specify 'of player' projectile exists: projectile is a arrow: set {_player-hit} to victim # % symbols are only needed in texts set {_random} to a random integer between 1 and 2 # Set it to integer...
  17. foxyplush

    please help me, i don't know how to do this with script

    options: damageAmount: 5 #In full hearts radius: 20 every 5 ticks: loop all players: loop all blocks in radius {@radius} of loop-value: if loop-value-2 = barrier: damage loop-value-1 by {@damageAmount} hearts In testing, I found that 20 blocks is...