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  1. Tubl

    Solved Looping blocks above y 60

    I've been trying to make some code and I can't seem to get this to work. loop blocks in radius 4 around player: if y location of loop-block is more than 60: set loop-block to air
  2. Tubl

    Variables not saving after restart

    Heres my code: Also when i restart my server i get this error: [16:24:10 ERROR]: #!#! [16:24:10 ERROR]: #!#! ===!!!=== Skript variable load error ===!!!=== [16:24:10 ERROR]: #!#! Unable to load (all) variables: [16:24:10 ERROR]: #!#! Cannot create the database file 'variables.csv': The system...
  3. Tubl

    Variables not saving after restart

    I was messing around with skript making random stuff and i realized when i restart my server the variables get reset to their default amount. Is there a way to fix this?