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    Command dont work in skript

    My command work in command block but when i do : make console execute command "/give @p iron_pickaxe{display:{Name:'[{"text":"Pioche Débutant","italic":false,"color":"gray","bold":true}]',Lore:['[{"text":"[","italic":false,"color":"gray"},{"text":"Outil de...
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    Custom head

    do you know any good way to give custom head to player in skript in 1.19? i tried multiple plugins and the closest that i got was with SKull but i can't find a way to stack skulls because they are generated with random UUID's... i can't find any documentation either if you know where i could...
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    Execute console command in a function

    it did not worked...
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    Execute console command in a function

    is it because i'm in a function that my "make console execute command" dosen't work?
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    console executing command wont work

    oh wow, it helped a lot! I'm new to skript and functions where just what i was looking for. Thanks!
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    console executing command wont work

    hi, im using skript (Version 2.6) on Minecraft version 1.19.4 and this is my problem (i simplified it to focus on the problem): when i jump i recive the "hi" message but the barrel do not place itself. I know that the "set block at position (53.5, 37.5, 3.5) to barrel" works because when i...