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    anvil inventory item

    also the last line? because only the anvil gui works for me, but it doesn't put the paper in the gui
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    anvil inventory item

    hello, I wanted to make a skript in which if I clicked with an object on an event block an anvil gui opened for me in which there was a piece of paper inside, but I can't do it. this is the skript: on rightclick on black glazed terracotta: if player's tool is a book named "&fCarta...
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    Anvil Gui for creditcard ATM skript

    what i mean is: how do you open an anvil gui in which to type the pin generated with% arg-2's uuid%, in which it allows that if the pin is right you access the chest? for example: I click on the ATM with my credit card and before accessing the withdrawal I have to enter the pin?
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    Anvil Gui for creditcard ATM skript

    Hi, I'm trying to make a script where if I right click on a renamed block at ATM holding an object renamed credit card, a gui opens asking for the card pin, but I can't do it ! i already created atm and credit card, but i can't put this anvil gui! Help me please! on rightclick: if player's...