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  1. F

    Asynchronous Block Placement

    Can you add function to count all blocks without air?
  2. F

    [skript-mirror] MiniaturePets API

    Hello o/ Can anyone help me with this script? I wanna create a command /test where MPET "Panda" spawn's at player's location. I want to mpet without any owners, without any path, just standing in my Lobby's world. here is an API:
  3. F

    Addon skript-mirror

    Hello, i want to add rotation to corpse i have this code: command /test: trigger: set {_p} to player set {_null} to null set {_loc} to location of player set {_rotation} to 3 {CorpseAPI}.spawnCorpse({_p}, {_null}, {_loc}, {_null}, {_null}, {_null}, {_null}, {_null}...
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    Protocol Hide

    Umbaska 3.3 doesn't have this syntax and earlier version doesn't work for me
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    Addon MundoSK

    easy to say ;p packets are hard to understand :(
  6. F

    Addon MundoSK

    I have REAL? spawned entity and i want to hide it from player not entity created from packets
  7. F

    Addon MundoSK

    how can i hide an entity (for example armor stand) from player?
  8. F

    Protocol Hide

    Hello, how can i protocol hide an armor stand for player?
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    MundoSK Packets

    yes but how? i'm only know it's uses play_server_player_info packet.
  10. F

    MundoSK Packets

    Hello, i'm trying to create a citizen with per players skin, it's possible with packets?
  11. F

    Citizens - change skin

    i have skellett and skrayfall, it's doesn't work
  12. F

    Citizens - change skin

    No, it does not solve my problem.
  13. F

    Citizens - change skin

    i know to how change a skin but i want to change skin for npc different per player
  14. F

    Citizens - change skin

    I have a skellett but it's doesn't work ;p works sk like this: on join: change citizen 3 skin to "%player%" but does not meet my expectations
  15. F

    Citizens - change skin

    I'm trying to create two skins at the same time. For example you and me join at server and you see your's skin on npc and i see my skin ;p
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    Citizens - change skin

    Hello, there is way to set for every players theirs skin on citizen's npc?
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    name of item from variable

    hello, i have a weird issue with name of item command /test: trigger: add book named "&bitem1" with lore "lore1" to {_items::*} add book named "&bitem2" with lore "lore2" to {_items::*} add book named "&bitem3" with lore "lore3" to {_items::*} set {_rand} to random element...
  18. F


    Hello there is any addon which has 'on player balance change' or something like this?
  19. F

    Hide player's nickname

    Hello, there is way to hide player's nickname? I'm trying to write something like murder mystery. I'm trying to ride armor stand on player but there is problem with shooting from bow.
  20. F

    Elder Guardian fatigue

    Hello, there is way to prevent Elder Guardian's fatigue? I'm trying something like this: on target: if event-entity is an elder guardian: if targeted entity is a player: cancel event but it's doesn't work. {Elder: 0} is not a solution. Thanks Any ideas?