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  1. barrybtw

    Solved Get seconds in timespan

    You would need skript-reflect set {_seconds} to {_tdiff}.getTicks() / 20
  2. barrybtw

    Solved skbee or skstuff ?

    Skript is made for Paper. SkStuff, old ass addon.
  3. barrybtw

    Skript and PAPI skript addon for 1.8.8

    1.8.8 is not really supported... And don't reply if all you're going to say is "i'm using it for pvp"
  4. barrybtw

    Solved Help with warp skrip

    Use the string in strict proper case Look it up on docs.
  5. barrybtw

    Solved skbee or skstuff ?

    1. Use paper 2. What no one uses: - Ersatz - Expansion-Skript - ExtraSk - MundoSk - SkDragon - Skellett - SkLib - SkNbeet (Already in skbee) - Skript-mirror (Use skript-reflect instead, newer) - SkRayFall - SkStuff (Skbee instead yes) - SkUtilities - Tuske (The gui manager honestly sucks, and...
  6. barrybtw

    Victim Condition/Variables

    Don't worry, a few tips, avoid using {nest.variables}, {list::variables} are much better. And the variables: # section sucks ass, don't use it for anything at all.
  7. barrybtw

    Flickering item in GUI?

    open chest with 3 rows named "Farm Crafter" to playerSkQuery if clicked slot is 0:Skellett
  8. barrybtw

    This is really easy but...

    And I recommend not using TusKe.
  9. barrybtw

    What's wrong with this scoreboard

    Every 20 tick, not recommended. SkRayFalls scoreboards are bad, SkBee or Skore are good.
  10. barrybtw

    Flickering item in GUI?

    You don't need SkQuery for 1.8? Matocolotoe's fork takes care of stuff like that. And vanilla gui's exist. ........ You're obviously not very proficient. Stop the ego trip.
  11. barrybtw

    Flickering item in GUI?

    Do I really have to lay it down on you.... List of problems: You're using SkQuery to open a chest. Wait 4.5 tick? You're checking 26 different slots, worst of all you're not even using Skript Syntax to get the clicked slot, it's index of event-slot, clicked slot is some skellett bs. Every 4.5...
  12. barrybtw

    Flickering item in GUI?

    I wouldn't try to make that unless you're really competent in your skripting abilities. Sorry but you're just not, I would recommend going back to this at a time when you know more skripting.
  13. barrybtw

    Solved Chance of

    'Lightening your code' hilarious. Seems you don't know what you're doing...
  14. barrybtw

    I need a skript

    That.... wont. erm, work.
  15. barrybtw

    Solved Trying to make a simple colored MOTD and Welcome Script

    Literally press the links in the messages... copy, paste, see.
  16. barrybtw

    Help with running commands

    You need to double quotes inside...
  17. barrybtw

    Solved How can i make this work?

    Wait 1 tick before doing anything.
  18. barrybtw

    Solved Trying to make a simple colored MOTD and Welcome Script

    on join: if player has played before: broadcast "" else: broadcast "welcome for the first time! look here"
  19. barrybtw

    Solved How can i make this work?

    Next time use codeblocks. [C O D E] [/C O D E].
  20. barrybtw

    Solved How can i make this work?

    lol on join: give player emerald block named "" if player does not have 1 emerald block named ""