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  1. Neppkun

    wand cooldown with changing cmd

    Assuming the "Necromancer's Wand" is a blaze rod with the name "Necromancer's Wand", you'd need to do: loop all items in the loop-player's inventory: loop-item is blaze rod named "Necromancer's Wand": #do stuff
  2. Neppkun

    How do i add a Atribute Modifyer to the weapon

    I don't understand what you're trying to do? Do you want to increase the damage the sword does?
  3. Neppkun

    how do i fix this rank skript i made

    In order for us to help you, you'll need to answer some base questions in your original post: - What is the code supposed to do? - What is the code doing? - What needs fixing?
  4. Neppkun


    open anvil inventory to player