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    Blast Skript

    I don't think something like that would work as I'm pretty sure it's just trying to break the original block and not the looped blocks. I tested this, and was not sure how to change it to break a looped block. Thank you for the help on this. If you know how to get it to break looped blocks...
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    Player Vaults (Skript) Packet Dupe Patch

    Hi, I don't really know if this is the right place for this, but I'm going to post this here!!! I recently had a player dupe a ton of items on my server, and I did some checks to see how they did it. They used a mod called UI Utilities which allows you to open up a closed inventory. This...
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    Blast Skript

    So I am trying to make a skript where when you break a block it breaks surrounding blocks using the player's tool. I am trying to make it so the player actually breaks certain blocks instead of it just using the tool of the player. I have some other skripts that wouldn't work if it just broke...
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    How do I make creepers stop exploding?

    I am trying to do something, like hypixel's ghosts I would like for them to completely stop exploding, and to stop trying to explode if that's possible, however thank you for the support <3
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    How do I make creepers stop exploding?

    I have mostly solved everything for this, however I still have some trouble making the creeper stop trying to explode. Code: on explosion prime: if event-entity is creeper: if name of event-entity is "&d&lUwU": cancel event create a safe explosion with...