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  1. Z

    On Region Exit isn't detecting players properly.

    I am running the newest version of Skript on spigot 1.14.4 All of my regions work. on region exit: if "%region%" contains "Spleef1": remove 1 from {integerplayingevent} broadcast "&6&lEVENTS &8» &a&n&o%player% &7has left the &a&n&oSpleef&f &7event...
  2. Z

    Solved on projectile hit doesn't work.

    This is my code, this is supposed to set air to any block the snowball hits. Absolutely no errors. -- MY CODE: on projectile hit: if projectile is a snowball: wait 1 tick message "test" set {_location} to location of the projectile if block at {_location}...
  3. Z

    How to make a Mob face a certain direction?

    I'm looking for an example of how to spawn a Mob, then make that mob face a certain yaw/pitch all of the time. Since mobs do not stay faced down normally, I would repeat a line of code that always warps the Mob's yaw/pitch to look down. I just have no idea how I would do this. If anyone could...
  4. Z

    Silent Block Place help.

    I'm quite new to Skript. I may need spoon-feeding for this one. I'm trying to make a vanish skript and I need it so when a player is in the vanish mode and they place a block, it's silent. I tried this but it still makes noise and the block doesn't appear. on place: if {hide.%player%} is...
  5. Z

    Solved Question about looping.

    Perfect! Works amazingly, you guys are amazing. Thank you very much,
  6. Z

    Solved Question about looping.

    Looping help since I am new to Skript. Let's say you had your average command. command /hi: trigger: message "hi" How would I add a looping system to this so when the player types the /hi command, the code will continue to run to the player every 40 seconds? So 40 seconds pass by...
  7. Z

    BungeeCord Help?

    Could you possibly send a sample skript about how to send all players to the specific server?
  8. Z

    BungeeCord Help?

    Hello! So, I'm kind of new into the skript world, I know how to use it pretty well just I need a little help with addons. So, could anyone tell me what addons I need to send every player on a certain server to another bungeecord server? Also could you please maybe provide an example skript? Thanks!