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  1. TheDever

    Actionbar with AFK Skript

    You can per a timer on a action bar like loop all thr players then set actionbar to 'cooldown' loop-player example I will not give free code in skript help
  2. TheDever

    negative balance

    I bet you can go simple. #skript by zcx2 on death: if {balance::%victim's uuid%} <=5: set {balance::%victim's uuid%} to 0 else if {balance::%victim's uuid%} >=6: remove 5 from {balance::%victim's uuid%}
  3. TheDever

    How can i skript gens? #zcx2

    Dang, np!
  4. TheDever

    Change Player's Group Skript

    The skript should work fine if you have vault.
  5. TheDever

    How can i skript gens? #zcx2

    Hello girls and boys, i need help skripting gens for my server. I will be online tomorrow at 3 (pm). If you were wondering, the server ip is (/join WonderFarms) That's the server i need help with! I will give the person who helps me skript the server the prizes below...
  6. TheDever

    Skbee not working

    Do you want the github download page?
  7. TheDever

    Solved Changing fullness of exp bar

    on level change: set player's level to {%loop-player%.rpg.level} there
  8. TheDever

    Detecting the cause of "on inventory close:"

    thats a fact
  9. TheDever

    NEWS #1 I have released my github page, this includes: New ETP Plugin More... Here is the link...

    NEWS #1 I have released my github page, this includes: New ETP Plugin More... Here is the link! --> <-- Beta released skript v1.0 Pearl teleport [ETP] (Enderman Teleport)
  10. TheDever

    How make item work with attributes

    Just saying, you could just use the Item Edit plugin. Item editor is essentialy the same thing just with a gui
  11. TheDever

    Solved How do I make my skript detect lore?

    How you show this?
  12. TheDever

    Solved How do I make my skript detect lore?

    Thank you for replying, can you help me manage my github? Here is my new skript:
  13. TheDever

    Detect which blocks were cobwebs to delete them.

    I Fixed your broken format! :emoji_thumbsup: set {_location::*} to all blocks in radius 3 around player loop all blocks: if {_location::*} contains loop-block: if loop-block is cobweb: set loop-block to air wait 30 seconds set loop-block to cobweb
  14. TheDever

    Solved Rpg need a level to use item

    Sorry my skript didnt work! Please like my post! Means the world to me.
  15. TheDever

    Solved How do I make my skript detect lore?

    This might not work but here is what i came up with on my old skript editor if player's tool isn't air: set {_lore} to line 1 of item _lore if {_lore} contains "(no dupe)": send action bar "&cYou cannot dupe this item!" to player else if {_lore} does not contain "(no dupe)"...
  16. TheDever

    Solved Loop all items in player's inventory

    didnt realize xd...
  17. TheDever

    Plot Skript

    Ah, sorry!
  18. TheDever

    Skript Upgrade System

    also, just saying, instead of puting "set slot 0 and 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 and 16 and 17 and 19 and 20 and 21 and 22 and 23 and 24 and 25 and 26 and 27 of metadata tag "upgradeGUI" of player to {frame} named "&f"", u can just do "set slot 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 etc.. to...
  19. TheDever

    Plot Skript

    You can just go in the config.yml and edit the stuff.
  20. TheDever

    Plot Skript

    U dont need this, just install PlotSquared V5