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    Script SKRegions - A simple regions manager - Bug fixes

    Fixed bugs.
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    Script SKRegions - A simple regions manager - Added LocInRegions

    Added LocInRegions: LocInRegions(loc: location,f: strings) :: text: Same as LocInRegion, but allows several regions.
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    Script SKRegions - A simple regions manager - Minor changes

    Changing the LocisWithin and LocInRegion.
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    Script SKRegions - A simple regions manager

    Aerosmite submitted a new resource: SKRegions - A simple regions manager - Manage and use multiple YML files of regions for your scripts ! Read more about this resource...
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    Script SKRegions - A simple regions manager 1.2

    SKRegions is a simple region-data manager that allows multiple YML files for more clarity and optimization. Required addons: SKUtilities, SKQuery, SKStuff Getting started First, you'll have to set the path of the folder where files are supported. Open the script with your favorite text editor...
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    Couldn't reload scripts

    Hi ! I have a annoying bug with Skript which appeared recently. Some script aren't reloading and feedback for exemple this in the log. Here is the skript, line 54 and maybe 52 seems to be the origin of the problem. The function is # Test si le joueur est bien dans la liste. function...
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    Non-existent list

    Hi ! My problem is simple. I have a function that test if a player is in a list and return true or false. But when I input a non-existent list, it just responds "<none>" but I need a false return. What can I do ? function PlayerIsInList(p: player,players: strings) :: boolean: if...