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    A Developer with experience in Minecraft servers. The server is an rpg server and will also contain elements from other styles of servers. REQUIREMENTS: - knows how to program characters, missions, money systems, worlds, lobbies, special weapons - knows how to program plugins
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    looking for a devloper!

    hey! we are plasma town. a Minecraft survival and sky block server! we are looking for developers that will help us bring our Minecraft server, into a real thing! for more information Message on discord: DEADMASTER#0190
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    help with enchanted books

    hey guys i am trying to do a npc that sells a enchanted books and this is my code: on inventory click: event-inventory = (metadata tag "dorinv" of player): cancel event index of event-slot = 11: if {money::%player's UUID%} is more than or equal to 10000...
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    Looking for a programmer

    Hi I am looking for a programmer for my survival server, the programmer needs to understand plugins and know skript at a good level, whoever thinks it fits the requirements you can send me a message in my discord = incineroar # 0190