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  1. ItzRepsac_

    Prestige system

    Hey everyone! I am kinda new to skript, but i would like to make a prestige system for my skimining server. It would be great if the skript can make it so, that you need required items to prestige and it opens a gui with asking to confirm your prestige When the required items are taken, the...
  2. ItzRepsac_

    Solved How do I teleport to world_the_end

    Try this instead: teleport player to location at X , Y , Z in world "world_the_end" If you want to attach a command to it just do the following: command /end trigger: teleport player to location at X , Y , Z in world "world_the_end"
  3. ItzRepsac_

    FireFlower attack player within radius of player holding the fireflower

    Hey everyone, first time posting on this skript forum! :emoji_slight_smile: Im working on a custom item, when a player is holding a flower, it sets every player within a 6 blocks radius on fire. Everything seems to be working, till the loop all player part. I cant get that part of the skript to...