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    How can I make the tab list still show the player name but not in italic while in spectator

    I have code that hides the player, but I wish for it to still show the playername. Also I am not using any addons. Heres what I have: on gamemode change: if player's gamemode is spectator: hide player from players if player's gamemode is not spectator: reveal player from...
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    Why wont this code work?

    on place of sculk catalyst at -175 65 -32 in world {Test} trigger: spawn giant at -175 65 -32
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    Solved How do I hide "When in Main Hand:"

    So I am using a named axe with lore in a gui, but it shows the when in main hand and then stats of it. How do I hide this so it just shows the custom lore and name?
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    Why doesnt this work?

    on join: if player is in world "Skies" teleport player to 0 65 0 Why doesnt this skript work for me?
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    Custom heads in skript guis

    How do I get the nbt?
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    Custom heads in skript guis

    I know how to put the head of the player that is opening it into the gui, but how do I put custom heads that will show for anyone?
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    How can I save items in a storage like Hypixel Skyblock wardrobe?

    I want to make a wardrobe system for my server like Hypixel Skyblock's for players to store their armour sets. Can anyone give me some guidance for this? I also want it to only be in the world [survival].