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    Giving glowing item not working

    Same issue: "'1 of glowing {_item}' can't be added to a player because the former is neither an item type, an inventory nor an experience point (, line 6: give player 1 of glowing {_item}')". Output when holding stone and running /glow: "You've set your 1 to glow".
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    Giving glowing item not working

    Script Version (do not put latest): 2.2 dev25 Script Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 Full Code: command /glow: trigger: set {_item} to player's held item give player 1 of glowing {_item} Errors on Reload: '1 of glowing {_item}' can't be added to a player because the...
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    Solved Check enchant level (TuSKe)

    Thank you both!
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    Solved Check enchant level (TuSKe)

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2 (dev25c) Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.8 --- Full Code: command /eff: trigger: if {UpgradePoints.%player%} is greater than or equal to {@EffUP}: send " {@UpgradeSuccess}" remove 1 from {UpgradePoints.%player%}...
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    skQuery Text from URL

    How would I use reqn to make it work? Reqn just sends responses to a page, I didn't see any way to set a variable to text from reqn.
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    skQuery Text from URL

    Skript Version: One for 1.8 Skript Author: idk Minecraft Version: 1.8 --- Full Code: set {_disguise-name} to text from url "" Errors on Reload: None Other Useful Info: It's setting {_disguise-name} to <none>. Yet, the Disguise.php page has text. Addons...
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    Solved Command Blocker

    Category: dont know Suggested name: cmdblocker What I want: I know how to make an actual command blocker, but my request is trickier. I need a Skript that allows the command "/login", but blocks anything else, by canceling the event. I've tried multiple methods, and none have worked. Ideas...
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    Auto Miner

    There's no loop that matches 'loop-index parsed as location' (, line 37: set {_l} to loop-index parsed as location') [18:18:57 ERROR]: '{_l} to front' is not a number (, line 39: drop block at front of {_l} to front of {_l}') [18:18:57 ERROR]: 'front' is not a number...
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    Auto Miner

    Category: Misc Suggested name: AutoMiner What I want: Staff do /autominer give <username> to give that user a Dropper (named "&c&lAuto Miner") Users place that dropper, and whatever block is in front of the mouth of the Dropper, is automatically mined every second. The item is broken like...
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    Variables are Really Long

    I kind of need to worry about it as it's setting a simple variable to a huge number, multiple times. Imagine the effect it would have on a large playerbase, searching through all of those variables. (and this is on my test server, so my variables file is fine)
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    Variables are Really Long

    on first join: wait 2 seconds set {rerolls.%player%.credits} to 1 send "&c&lREROLL &7You have received one free Reroll Credit for joining!" send "&c&lREROLL &7Use &c/reroll&7 to reroll spawner types!" command /reroll: trigger: if player is holding monster spawner...
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    Solved Mob Heads into Tokens

    command /transfer: trigger: if player is holding 20 mob heads: remove 20 mob head from player's inventory send "&c&lTRANSFER &7You transferred 20 heads into 2 tokens!" make console execute command "/te add %player% 2" else: send...
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    Solved Do something on mob kill

    Alright, let me try that real quick. I had to change the variable into %attacker% as well. Thanks for the tip!
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    Solved Do something on mob kill

    Skript Version: Whatever version supports 1.8 Skript Author: ??? Minecraft Version: 1.8 --- Full Code: on death: if attacker is a player: if victim is a chicken or sheep: if {kill::%player%} is not set: set {kill::%player%} to true...
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    Skript Version: 2.2 Skript Author: The original author, I guess? Minecraft Version: 1.8 --- Full Code: Errors on Reload: can't understand this condition: 'set {_ver} to text from url ""' (, line 61: set...
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    Solved NoDamage Skript

    Suggested name: NoDamage What I want: I'm in need of a Skript that disables damage entirely. Whether that be mob damage, PVP damage, so on. I know what your thinking, /rg f __global__ invincible true. Well, here's what I need it for. In my hub, I plan on having it so players can hit eachother...
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    Enderpearl Command Delay

    Hello, I'm in need of a Skript, that blocks the command "/pv" if an enderpearl was thrown less than 16 seconds ago. I don't know if this is possible with Skript, but if it is, help would be appreciated :D