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    I have problem with making shop

    If clicked slot is 0: If player's balance >= 79: Message "Complete" Else: "Dont have enough money"
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    what to do? code Errors:
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    Solved How do I hide the nbt tag from items?

    How do I hide the nbt tag from items?
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    Solved Need Help Functions

    Function shortcuter(Number: Number) :: String: Set {_shortcuter} to {_Number} If {_shortcuter} is less than 1000: Return "%{_shortcuter}%" Else if {_shortcuter} is greater or equal to 1000: Set {_short} to "%{_shortcuter}/1000%" Set {_symbol} to "K" If {_shortcuter} is...
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    Solved How do I make a currency debiting?

    and how else to do it?
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    Solved How do I make a currency debiting?

    It is necessary that a certain currency is debited from PlayerCoin when buying. But it gives an error code: command /shop: Trigger: Set {_Inventory} to chest with 5 rows named "SHOP" Set slot 1 of {_Inventory} to diamond sword named "§a§lDIAMOND SWORD" Open {_Inventory} to executor...
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    Solved How to make the number of items in gui???

    Code: Set slot 24 of {_Inventory} to bread named "§c§lKIT START" it is necessary to make sure that 8 bread is given out Help.
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    How to do the same?

    I saw this on a Russian server, when pointing at a player in the chat, such a window is displayed With its statistics. How can I repeat it?