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    Simple Code help

    So many errors and issues, first of all, {placeholder} is a public variable, meaning it doesn't belong to a player, instead try using something like {placeholder::%player%} but i don't think you'd need a variable for that anyways, your indentation is god damn horrible. Try this: on...
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    Custom heads in skript guis

    Find the skull you want on custom heads website, for example am going to use Find: Minecraft 1.16+ NEW! Give-Code: > Very long command. Copy the command and paste it on a notepad or something, mine is /give @p...
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    Custom heads in skript guis

    Use SkBee's NBT compounds or SKull skript addon, find a custom head online, either get the NBT (if you're going to use SkBee) or the skull value (for SKull). Expression for SkBee: set {_head} to player head with nbt compound from "NBT" Expression for SKull: set {_head} to skull with value "value"
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    Skript anti caps