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    Overlapping Regions, Priorities, and Skript

    @GRRRilla_Ninja The priority of a region is determined in the "Worldguard" itself. What I want is for "Skript" to find the region with the highest priority in "Worldguard" and only work on that region, and not with all the others that are overlapping.
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    Overlapping Regions, Priorities, and Skript

    When you are in a region that overlaps with another region, how can you specify that it only "sees" the region with the highest priority? broadcast "%region at player%" It always returns the name of all overlapping regions, regardless of their priority.
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    How I can remove a region?
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    When place a block, add time and coords in a variable, after a while delete everything.

    on place of anomalia: add location of event-block to {anomalias.fuego::*} add now to {anomalias.tiempof::*} every 1 seconds in world "world": if size of {anomalias.fuego::*} is bigger than 0: set {_maxf} to size of {anomalias.fuego::*} broadcast "SIZE OF MAXF...
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    Message repeat in a loop

    every 5 seconds: loop all players: loop blocks in radius 5 around loop-player: loop-block is a fire or lava: add player to {temperatura.fuego::*} add 0.25 to {temperatura.actual.%loop-player%} if {temperatura.actual.%loop-player%} < 37.4...
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    Drop item lying on floor (without movement)

    It is possible to make a dropped item stay lying on the ground without movement?? I want a block to drop an item and it is “stuck” on the surface of the block, without movement. As if they had left him lying on the ground (Sorry for my english).
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    CIT Custom armor with optifine

    I am trying to create custom armors for my server. With Skript, I created armor with a specific name: - Gorro NOX - Pechera NOX - Pantalones NOX - Botas NOX **(helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots) Then I created a texture package with these directories...
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    How to play particle with speed and force

    @Blue Is it possible to specify the viewing distance? I tried with "show 100 firework's spark with speed 0.2 at block 4 above {_b} in radius of 256" but a few blocks away the effect is no longer visible.
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    Authme and Skript

    Thanks, it solved it by changing the effects of "SharpSK" by commands. Example: set {_pass} to a rounded random number between 100000 to 999999 make player execute command "register %{_pass}% %{_pass}%" Now, in this part of the code, why does it only show the first value of...
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    Authme and Skript

    Is there any addon that is compatible with Authme ?. Years ago I created this script that worked with "SharpSK" and "Tuske", but now it tells me that it doesn't recognize these lines. on first join: if {listablanca.ip::%player%} is ip of player: set {listablanca.registro.%player%}...
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    Disable custom amor protection.

    I have created this image so that it is better understood: What a silly mistake :emoji_blush:, thanks for warning. Any idea? :emoji_blush: @Revelationage Do you have any idea?
  12. L

    Disable custom amor protection.

    I tried with: aliases: craft = 58 options: gorronox : iron helmet with nbt "{AttributeModifiers:[{Slot:""head"",AttributeName:""generic.armor"",Name:""armor"",Amount:0,Operation:0,UUIDLeast:0,UUIDMost:0}]}" named "&eGorro anti nox" pecheranox : iron chestplate with nbt...
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    Disable custom amor protection.

    Thank, but it gives the same result.
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    Disable custom amor protection.

    options: gorronox : iron helmet named "<yellow>Gorro anti nox" pecheranox : iron chestplate named "<yellow>Pechera anti nox" pantalonnox : iron leggings named "<yellow>Pantalones anti nox" botasnox : iron boots named "<yellow>Botas anti nox" on damage: victim is wearing...
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    Loop all items in... error.

    I have these two errors with "loop all items in ..." I'm using lastest version of benkus skript and addons. Error 1: There's no loop that matches 'loop-player's inventory' (, line 92: loop all items in loop player's inventory:') at 00:00 in world "world": loop players...
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    Water bottle color when have name or lore.

    When I add a name to a bottle of water, it is colored purple. How can I add a name and lore to a bottle and that it maintains the normal blue color ?. Code: command /botella: executable by: players trigger: give 1 botellallena named "<light blue>Agua fresca" to player...
  17. L

    Some errors in my scripts when upgrading to 1.12

    All my scripts work fine on 1.11, but when I upgrade the server to 1.12, I have these errors: ## (I'm using the latest versions of all plugins / addons) ** Bensku -> Dev30C -- [Server thread/ERROR]: [Skript] Can't understand this condition/effect: add "{HideFlags:2}" to nbt of slot 0 of...
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    Save chest items

    This is my code: on inventory close: if inventory name of player's current inventory is "<aqua>Congelador": set {caducidad.congeladores::%location of target block%} to player's current inventory on right click: if target block is a chest: cancel event...
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    Freezers (how to store the contents of a chest and restore it)

    I'm trying to create a script to make chests "freezers". I used this code so that when you opening a chest called "freezer", it will automatically be filled with blocks of ice in certain slots. options: congelador: chest named "Congelador" on right click: if target block is a...
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    Wait x seconds to do things, where X is the distance between two points.

    I am unable to find out how to solve this, I would appreciate if you can help me. I want to calculate the distance between two points and divide it by 3.5, I do this with: set {palomas.distancia.%player%} to a rounded distance between the player and {palomas.destinos::%{_destino}%} / 3.5 Then...