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  1. Ouma Shu

    Need help

    Do you jave for a better usage of json files?
  2. Ouma Shu

    Solved Problem trying to lock inventory item

    You need SkStuff for this.
  3. Ouma Shu

    Solved Problem trying to lock inventory item

    There you go. on inventory click: if clicked inventory is player's inventory: if clicked slot is 0: cancel event send "&cYou can't change the item in this slot!" to player
  4. Ouma Shu

    Case Opening Skript

    Translation made by me: - Hello Skunity Community! I'd like to have a Case Opening Skript for my 1.12.X Server. It should be like that: There's a chest on the spawn that if a player clicks it, it starts to do the "animation" (not sure which) of the opening process of the case. Does anyone got a...
  5. Ouma Shu

    Kart racing like Hypixel

    Category: Racing Skript What I want: A way to handle the armorstands rotating them using W A S D like Hypixel BUMP ç_ç
  6. Ouma Shu

    Solved Heads in gui

    Thank you, working.
  7. Ouma Shu

    Solved Heads in gui

    No, because I dont want that you do it for me, I want to know how to set different pages for the menu if the heads reach the maximum allowed number of rows.
  8. Ouma Shu

    opens fine but it breaks

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  9. Ouma Shu

    Solved Heads in gui

    Hello, I want to make a skript that when you do "/onlineplayers" it shows you a gui where there are the heads of the online players, but if It reaches the maximum rows for a chest, it makes a new page with the remaining players. Thank you all for the help!
  10. Ouma Shu

    How to fix that

    Can you better explain the help request?
  11. Ouma Shu

    Solved When i loop items, the messages too.

    There you are. on command "/sell": cancel event sender is a player if "%region at player%" contains "minapvp": set {_diamondsinplayerinventory} to amount of diamonds in player's inventory wait a tick set {_diamondsinplayerinventory} to...
  12. Ouma Shu

    Solved Problem with Skript chat

    Thank you all guys for the help, I found how to "fix" it. I separated color formatting from sending the message in two "on chat" events. Thank you all for the help.
  13. Ouma Shu

    Solved Problem with Skript chat

    So, why if I put "broadcast" it works and if I put "send to loop-player" it doesn't work?
  14. Ouma Shu

    Solved Problem with Skript chat

    Not working..
  15. Ouma Shu

    Solved Problem with Skript chat

    What's wrong with this? It doesn't send the message. on chat: cancel event if "%region at player%" is "<none>": loop all players: if "%region at loop-player%" is "%region at player%": if {colors} is not set: set {colors} to 1...
  16. Ouma Shu

    Solved Name of ADDON

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  17. Ouma Shu

    SkyPvP System Errors

    Man, first of all please speak english so more people can understand you, second, the informations that you gave aren't enough for us to help you, because you may let us see the code or the part where it's not working for you.
  18. Ouma Shu

    need help with on hologram touch

    There you are. command /holo: trigger: create holo object "&2Line" with id "holo.1" at block above player on hologram touch: if event-string is "holo.1": give diamond pickaxe to player
  19. Ouma Shu

    Capturing Within 7 Block Radius

    Uhm.. If it doesn't work, I don't know how to. Ask for help to @ShaneBee
  20. Ouma Shu

    Solved equip and add does not work not work

    Yes, I know what's your code, can you try the code that I wrote for you?