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    Solved loop-player Not Being Teleported

    teleporting the player can be glitchy sometimes. ensure that nothing is riding the player or the player isnt riding anything before teleporting, and try dismounting them maybe.
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    Skript mirror spawn ice block dust particle

    Im trying to spawn an ice break particle but for some reason passing Particle.BLOCK_DUST and Material.REDSTONE_BLOCK.getData() (using redstone cause i copied this and not important), but the console keeps giving me the error: 10.05 17:38:26 [Server] [Skript] No matching non-static field...
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    How to spawn a mob in a specifihc multiverse world

    I needed to do this too, dont use script, use a website which you can make a custom spawner which automatically does all this. Hope this helps! this is the link i used (not the exact one but its the same website)
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    Check player that is riding said mount?

    How do i find the player that is riding a select mount, if there is one. Thanks!
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    So i wrote a script for temporary platforms for a kit im making and here it is: on right click: if offhand tool of player is clay: player is wearing diamond boots block below player is air set {checkblock.%player%} to block below player block south of {checkblock.%player%} is air...
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    Help stop placement on lava

    Im looking for a script that stops block placement if it were to cover up a lava block and other things. ive written this script: on block place: player is wearing diamond boots if targeted block is lava or nether sprouts: cancel event send "dont ruin our builds k?" to player The issue...
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    Solved How to make enchantment level based on variable

    I want to write a line of skript that sets the enchantment someone recieves to their {rebirths.%player%} variable. I tried: command /test: trigger: enchant player's tool with sharpness {rebirths.%player%} didnt work... plz help
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    Not killing event-entity

    on vehicle exit: if event-entity is a horse: kill event-entity this does not kill the horse for some reason... PLEASE HELP! TYSM!! im trying to make a horserider kit that debuffs the horserider when it leaves the horse, but it seems to not execute any code beyons if event-entity is a...
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    Solved Ok so this is a request...

    tried it and it didnt work... i even put dmg at 1000 and it did not kill the blazes around it...
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    Solved Help me weaken/remove melee attacks from tridents on my server

    easy, just gave people weakness 255 when they hold trident (weakness only affects melee)
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    ok so i put this in and now it runs away from the player... I do have some other script's like this: on entity target: loop {target.%target%::*}: if loop-value is event-entity: cancel event on death: kill {target.%player%::*} plz tell me whats wrong at least or maybe...
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    on rightclick with wither skeleton spawn egg: cancel event remove wither skeleton spawn egg from player spawn wither at location of player set name of last spawned wither to "&b%player%'s Wither" add last spawned entity to {target.%player%::*} set max health of last spawned entity to 20...
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    Solved Ok so this is a request...

    OK, so dont feel obligated to do this, but... Basically I want to make it so that when someone places a Lightning Rod named "&e&lLightning Striker" it plays a warning sound around it (in radius of 3) for 2 seconds, then lightning strikes it and kills any entity around it (in radius of 2) and...
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    Solved Help me weaken/remove melee attacks from tridents on my server

    Hi, i want to make it so that when you melee with a trident that it does significantly less damage, or does not do damage at all. Here is the code i have written, but it does not work: on left click: if player's held item is trident: send "You cant melee with this item" to player...
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    Solved How do you make a loop run until you run a command and then terminate the second that command is run

    And make it so no matter what the thing will not happen again you see, im tryin to make it so that random events occur in my kitpvp, but when i made a while script with a varible, when i quickly toggle on and off the script, it runs two of them, because the while loop resumes when i run the...