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  1. Z

    !NEED HELP ASAP, PLEASE! Sending action bar to a player stored in a metadata value

    So I have made a skript look like this: on damage: if victim is not a player: if attacker is a player: if name of attacker's tool is "&6Sweeper": loop all mobs in radius 5 of victim: if loop-entity is not victim: damage loop-entity by damage / 2...
  2. Z

    Solved Output entity type with underscores

    so when player kills an entity, it will return the type of the entity, however entity that have spaces in their type name will display with the spaces like "iron golem", "ender dragon", etc. so instead, i want it to output them with underscores like "iron_golem", "ender_dragon", etc. anyone...
  3. Z

    on load event not working

    so I code a custom recipe, and and put it under the event "on load:", and it seems to not work, even I just type a bunch of random letters under the on load event, it will not give me any errors, so i assume the on load event is broken? My Code: on load: register new shapeless recipe for...
  4. Z

    How to use the backups folder

    So for some reason, all the variables save in my server is now reset, and i notice there are backups folder contain variables files, but how do i use those file inside it to replace the data now?
  5. Z

    Solved Location variables without pitch and yaw

    Sorry, I am quiet new to skript, can you please tell me how can I do this?
  6. Z

    Solved Location variables without pitch and yaw

    I want to set a specific variable(example: {_cords}) to the location of player, but without the pitch and the yaw, only the x y z. Thank you.
  7. Z

    Solved Regeneration Detection

    Oh im just dumb
  8. Z

    Solved Regeneration Detection

    Is there a event like "on heal", so whenever the player regen, it will perform a event
  9. Z

    Custom Projectiles

    I know this sounds complicated, or this might not be possible with skript. But I want to asking anyways, so I want to make a mini game, where u dodge the bullet, its kinda like bullet hell but Minecraft, so I want a projectile which move at a certain direction at a certain speed and whenever it...
  10. Z

    Solved Loop specific amount of entities

    Ooooh this is smart!! Thank you!!
  11. Z

    Solved Loop specific amount of entities

    So my problem is simple, I want to loop JUST 10 entities in the event, but “loop 10 entities in radius 5 blocks around player” don’t seems to be the way, it always “can’t understand this conditions”, so I am wondering is there any ways to do it?
  12. Z

    Solved Leaderboard

    So, I want to know is there ANY possible way to make Leaderboard in skript? it will the show the top players on certain variables, like, the top 10 of it.So I want to know is there any possible way to make a leaderboard using skript. Thank you.
  13. Z

    Solved Force unequip

    Thank you!It really helps!
  14. Z

    Solved Force unequip

    Hey, i was wondering, can I so something like forcing player to unequip their armor and straight put it back to their inventory?like not canceling it on equip, just move it into their inventory.Is that possible?Thank you.
  15. Z

    Solved Different Decimal Place for Different calculations

    Oh yeah, why dont i think it sooner, i can use integer, i am real dumb
  16. Z

    Solved Different Decimal Place for Different calculations

    Hi! Im kinda a newbie to skript , I was making my custom RPG system , and i have a attributes system which have a function while with right click it can add half of ur points avaliable in it , but i need it end up with NO decimal so it wont break if the points remaining is a odd number, but i...