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  1. Selvati

    Why can't I format my shop?

    This format works, although you can take it out of the inventory, it's not too hard to stop that from happening. command /seeds: trigger: open chest with 6 rows named "&aSeeds Shop" to player wait 1 tick set slot 10 of player's current inventory to coal named "&8Coal...
  2. Selvati

    /skript help !?

    Try downloading the latest Bensku Skript release from here and I recommend updating your spigot to the latest version of paper spigot.
  3. Selvati

    Fast skript help

    Could you explain what you need help with more clearly please?
  4. Selvati

    If player joins event

    Hey hopefully this helps, be sure to use the docs and google to search for answers and clues. Anyway, here's a very basic example of what you're asking for, good luck. # Basic 'on join' event, checking the player's username, then do stuff if it is them # See...
  5. Selvati

    Issue Checking Loop Blocks

    It's been a while since I've done anything with Skript and I've had this 3x3 mining skript that I made a post about a long time ago, basically in 1.12 it works flawlessly but after recently updating to 1.14.4 Paper Spigot and correctly updating all of my addons to the latest versions (Bensku...
  6. Selvati

    Solved Place block, save name... NBT??

    Hey this intrigues me, would you mind posting the solution for me to examine and for any others wondering as well?
  7. Selvati

    Help needed with a Cell skript.

    Please explain the concept in a little more detail and maybe I can assist you.
  8. Selvati

    Arena Regenerator

    On form is broken for me and many others on dev25, anyways.
  9. Selvati

    Arena Regenerator

    This is broken
  10. Selvati

    Arena Regenerator

    What about blocks forming such as cobble generating or obsidian..
  11. Selvati

    Someone who can help me?

    You have to use %attacker% and %victim% for fighting events instead of %player%..... this is ridiculous
  12. Selvati

    Faster Right click?

    ? on rightclick: set {r-click.%player%} to true wait 1 tick set {r-click.%player%} to false every 5 ticks: loop all players: if {r-click.%loop-player%} is true: #do stuffNotice:This is likely to cause lagg.
  13. Selvati

    Greather than %arg-2% balance

    Deja vu.. there is a post just like this made not too long ago, just use the search bar to your advantage next time, parse it as a number, as seen in this thread ?
  14. Selvati

    How to make custom tags to projectiles?

    Hmm, I don't know much but I remember seeing an advanced skript and they somehow gave projectiles a uuid and tracked it from there, if I find it I'll reply again.. The guy that had the whole uuid of projectile thing solved, removed his post from my thread, so I'm not much help :/
  15. Selvati


    Have you added any new addons or plugins that may be interfering?
  16. Selvati

    Crafting Recipe Help

    Did you even bother reading the reply above yours? Also if you’re using someone else’s plugin to create something, in this case you are, you don’t get to really choose what you want and don’t want to write, you just do what works.. there are tons of tutorials on this subject all over the...
  17. Selvati

    me wants some help

    This should be in the request section anyway with the correct format, even a project this size would probs cost money not just spamming a community... smh
  18. Selvati

    Fight Timer

    So you want a pvp timer skript, so players have to wait a certain amount of time before doing certain things?
  19. Selvati

    How to check pex rank &
  20. Selvati

    Solved Skript armor

    The way you typed it had a very hostile/rude tone to it, you should expirement more with your code, I’ve already solved your problem, it’s very obvious, I’m going to leave this one to you to solve so that way you gain more knowledge on the subject, good luck! :9