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  1. 007L

    Custom Bow

    are you sure its shooter not victum?
  2. 007L

    Custom Weapon

    what about the remove all explosion damage thing
  3. 007L

    Custom Bow

    I would like a custom bow skript that makes fired arrow give the player hit blindness for 2 seconds and glowing for 5 seconds the bow should me called &0Void Bow the skript should be based on the name of the bow disregarding the lore thank you very much
  4. 007L

    Custom Weapon

    Thank you in advance, I would Like a skript that makes the user holding the sword called "&5Dragon Katana" not take any explosion damage while holding the sword and make the player deal explosion damage on right click with a cool down of 30 seconds and the explosion should do 3 hearts of damage...