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  1. Marc

    detect players faction

    I'd just suggest using skripts in-built prefix thingy, so you can use conditions such as: if player's prefix is "":
  2. Marc

    Problem on skript

    try if name of player's world
  3. Marc

    Very cool swag boy

    Very cool swag boy
  4. Marc

    Solved How to rename an item in inventory "not holding it"

    please use [.CODE] and [./CODE] and paste your code between those, (Ofc remove the periods) every 4 seconds: if {gamestatus} is true: loop all players: {speedrunner} is a player: loop-player isn't {speedrunner}: world of loop-player is...
  5. Marc

    Removing item from inventory after being used

    on right-click with compass: if name of player's held item is "Teleport": if {compasscooldown::%player%} is set: stop else: set {compasscooldown::%player%} to true add 1 to {n.%player%} send "3" wait 1 seconds...
  6. Marc

    GUI Shop not working?

    Command /casino: trigger: open chest with 3 rows named "&4Køb poletter!" to player wait 1 tick format slot 10 of player with music disc pigstep named "&6Heldig polet" with lore "&bPris: &a$7500" to be unstealable format slot 12 of player with music disc strad...
  7. Marc

    Inventories in tuske

    It should do it automatically without needing to type anything. If you have did /sk reload all, just restart your server as its a known bug/glitch for TuSKe to do this
  8. Marc

    Make player head face player

    find which way the player is facing and make it face the opposite direction. Not sure howd you code it tho, Ill reply when I find out how
  9. Marc

    Cancel drops on break event

    You can also just delete the block and give the player the block
  10. Marc

    Solved Tuske

    Im pretty sure the a shouldnt be there?
  11. Marc

    Solved Tuske

    No theres no a between format or gui, But ill start learning vanilla gui's
  12. Marc

    Solved Tuske

    first use code boxes with [.CODE] code [./CODE] (ofc without the periods) and second open virtual chest inventory with 3 rows named "blah blah" to player and third format gui slot 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 to player with white stained glass pane named "blah" to do nothin Only the last number should...
  13. Marc

    Solved Crafting recipes?

    Why are you using _ to devide the words?? Just remove that and It should work
  14. Marc

    Solved Phone Skript

    A telephone system..? Please elaborate what you want and I could code it for you
  15. Marc

    Cant move anything in virtual inventory

    open virtual inventory with 3 rows named "Name" to player format gui slot 0 of player with diamond named "Diamond" to do nothing The "To do nothing" part is essential im pretty sure. Havent used TuSKe in awhile, I suggest you please learn TuSKe More and skript in general
  16. Marc

    Solved Simple kitpvp upgrade menu and autokit equip on spawn

    Ofc it is! I just have no energy to write the code for it
  17. Marc

    Solved Simple kitpvp upgrade menu and autokit equip on spawn

    Oh lol sorry didnt read that I'll make it in a bit
  18. Marc

    RPG Mob's behavior

    What is the error it gives?