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    Need help getting this on consume to work

    On consume: player's tool's name is "Water Bottle": set player's level to 20 im pretty sure it worked at one point but now it has just stopped randomly pretty confused
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    This on target example does not work

    # prevent mobs from seeing sneaking players if they are at least 4 meters apart on target: target is sneaking distance of target and the entity is bigger than 4 cancel the event im trying to make something like this, but i have no idea how to get it to work
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    Solved Could not pass event EntityDamageEvent

    Im very new to skript and i just cant figure out why this keeps happening, I've tried reinstalling my spigot and skript multiple times, still getting this. Heres my simple error and the simple code. on damage: victim is player chance of 35%: broadcast "You started bleeding" i...