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    How do I make a near compass thingy?

    Basically, when I right click on a compass, I want to make it point to the nearest player on the opposite team. The teams are coded in a way that {team::%player%} will be equal to either "red" or "blue". I have two questions, is it possible to point the compass to a specific entity, and how do...
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    Solved Skript crashes server

    dev25 is the latest working Skript for 1.8.8. Bensku stopped supporting 1.8 a long time ago, and never will support it again. Either update your server (better option) or downgrade to that skript version.
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    Minecraft Server Submissions.

    Don't post this here. This is for requests for Skripts only.
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    Clear inventory on entry of a region and when leaving.

    on region enter: if region's name is "buildzone": clear player's inventory give player 64 steak on region exit: if region's name is "buildzone": clear player's inventory Might error, if it does change "region's name" to "event-region's name"
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    Loot Chest

    Name a chest "&4Loot Chest" and then place it on the ground :) (Essentials command to get the chest: /i chest 1 name:&4Loot_Chest) on rightclick on chest: if name of chest is "&4Loot Chest": if {lootChestAccess.%player%} is not set: set {lootChestAccess.%player%} to true...
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    i need an item to only work with custom values

    How about a custom name on it? You can check for a custom name, and then do your custom actions if it has been detected. if player is wearing a leather chestplate named "&4Custom Chestplate": # do something Just make sure it has a color in the name, otherwise, players may be able to obtain...
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    How to make dogs sitting/standing with a command?

    You can do that by editing the wolf's NBT data, specifically the Sitting tag. Set the Sitting tag to 1 if you want the dog to be sat, and 0 if you want the dog to be standing. To edit NBT data of entites, look into NBT editing in Skript. A quick google search will help you out!
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    Problems with set name of last spawned entity

    Yes, that is how names work in Minecraft. To view the name of an entity, it must be in your attack range and you must aim at them. I think there is an NBT tag to make the name visible at all times, and it is CustomNameVisible: 1. To add such NBT tags, look into NBT editing in Skript. A google...
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    Help me for server address

    Why do you need to do that? You can just type the ip yourself, it doesn't really matter.
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    Solved Test if a player is actively mining.

    If you've solved this, why don't you put the solution in your post? It may help other people.
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    Solved Url text

    This should work. Do you have the latest skUtilities installed? The line ___ from url ___ syntax is only in skUtilities.
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    Change Sky

    change sky of player to nether Not sure if that still works. If you do this on an event, make sure to wait 1 tick before executing that. on join: wait 1 tick change sky of player to nether
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    Give player a rank/permissions if they have a set word in their Minecraft User

    I'm fairly certain it uses their Minecraft username, not for example the username from the /nick command. Also, this skript is kinda weird, i don't know why you'd use it.
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    Roleplay Name / PVP Toggle Skript

    I made a skript for the /pvp part. Now, I don't really know if you want pvp to be toggled for individual people, or server-wide (as an admin command), so I made both for you :) # If you're an admin, type /pvp to toggle pvp. This will be toggled for everyone. command /pvp: permission...
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    Solved TNT Bow

    Hi. Try primed tnt instead of ignited tnt