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    Saving location to list

    I'm not sure but maybe try this? on join: set {s%player%} to true while {s%player%} is true: add location of the player to {locs%player%::*} if size of {locs%player%::*} is 61: remove {locs%player%::1} from {locs%player%::*} wait 1 tick
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    Skript Lag || If/else if/else statements.

    Ok I guess I'll keep that in mind, thanks. I'll keep this open until I get a guaranteed answer about this or if I do figure it out my self
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    Skript Lag || If/else if/else statements.

    Well the code itself is not the thing, like I mean this specific code wouldn't cause lag either way it was just an example. I'm trying to make some quests and it requires me to check if a variable is equal to something every time (so if they completed the quest) and since the code after that is...
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    This script is to unififcient but I don't know how to make it shorter?

    Hey could you please click the "+" button above your text box and then click the code option and insert your code there with tabs so that its easier to understand..? Also can you send the logs of the server when it crashes?
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    Scoreboard sharing?

    Hey, I'm not quite sure what you want to do here do you want to make it so that every player sees their name on their scoreboard or so that every player sees a specific name on their scoreboard? (Like all the players would see the exact same name) Also avoid using "every 1 tick" events, they're...
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    There's no loop that matches 'loop-block'

    Try replacing "loop-block" with "loop-value", if this doesn't work do this: on block place: region is {arena} add location at event-block to {blocks::clear::*} every 10 seconds: broadcast "&cClearing all placed blocks in 10 seconds" wait 10 seconds loop...
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    Skript Lag || If/else if/else statements.

    Hello! Recently I've been trying to figure out something, if a condition in an if statement is not met, does the amount of lines that comes inside that matter for lag purposes? For example here is what I mean: if 3 > 5: send "test" to player send "test2" to player send "test3" to player...
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    Hello, so the last month or so I've been remaking my skripts using skript-yaml because I find out that it's a very good way to store player data without having any serious lag issues with many variables. However I've been dealing with a very weird issue, the yaml files of each player just...
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    Skript Commands Not Working

    It seems like you're using skript-tuske, I suggest changing to skript-gui because skript-tuske is kinda bad. Also if your server uses 1.17 make sure that you're using the latest version of skript-gui (if you change to it) or skript-tuske. The fact that the command doesn't show up has to do with...
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    Help: save placed block names in variable

    if name of player's tool contains "&6Cow": Basically that's all you need to do for the placement part, you can do the exact same thing with the breaking part aka the variable part: set {%location%.Block_Name} to name of player's tool The logic seems fine, just note that blocks don't have names...
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    Create block radius around player

    I don't think that the issue is the block's y cord since I've done such a thing before, I'm not sure what the issue is though either..maybe try this? That's the way I'd do it: on right click with stick: create a fake explosion at event-location set {_y} to y coordinate of...
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    Solved Cooldown Help

    If the issue is that the tnt gets thrown infinitely but the cooldown message does work it's once again because of spaces/tabs, at the momment even when it does send the message it still throws the tnt because it doesn't depend on any of the if/else statements, try changing it to this: on...
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    Solved Cooldown Help

    I see why this happends, {_waited} gets set to 46 seconds and then you get the difference between 46 and {_waited} which is 0 since 46 = 46. Since it's 46 seconds which is not less than 45 seconds it shouldn't send this message though so I can only assume that you forgot to use spaces after the...
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    Solved Cooldown Help

    Weird, try the one you did originally but replace set {_waited} to difference between {cooldown::%player%::epearl} and now with if {cooldown::%player%::epearl} is set: set {_waited} to difference between {cooldown::%player%::epearl} and now else: set {_waited} to 46 seconds
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    Solved Cooldown Help

    You should try this: on leftclick: if player's held item is tnt named "&1&lDinamit": if {cooldown::%player%::epearl} is set: set {_waited} to difference between {cooldown::%player%::epearl} and now else: set {_waited} to 46 seconds if {_waited} is less than 45...
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    Command doesn't work

    Not sure if that matters but have you tried replacing "permissions" with "permission"?
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    kit cooldown

    In case you are wondering why you should not make it work like this, it's because I think that in case the server closes this will be ruined also it's not good for performance, not sure about the performance one but either way doing what minecoll said is the best way you can do this in general .
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    Command doesn't work

    Not quite sure, but it must be something wrong with the 3rd line so maybe try changing it a little bit like this? command /sc [<text>]: trigger: if player has permission "sc.reload" or "sc.*": if arg-1 is "reload": reload skript "skriptcloud"...
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    Solved How can I paste schematics in 1.13+ using skript?

    You can do that using these 2 expressions: save structure between {_loc} and {_loc2} as "structure" load "structure" at player's location Pretty much it saves a structure between 2 locations and then it loads it wherever you want.
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    Help with custom blocks.

    Then maybe something like this: options: block: polished diorite name: "test" on break of ancient debris: chance of 10%: set event-block to {@block} set {variable::%event-location%} to true on break: if event-block is {@block}: if...