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    I need help with armor stand please

    Hey i just want if i right click on armor stand , execute a command i tried everything can someone help me the first thing i get is when i right click on armor stand nothing happen but if i right click on block under armor stand it work ! Please help me
  2. M

    Help Me Fast Please

    I wanna make this block rotation 360 without stoping with armour Stand if that possible please i was locking for this skript from a long time please help me
  3. M

    Advanced Luckyblock |

    Suggested name: Advanced LuckyBlock Spigot/Skript Version: 1.8.9 / none What I want: I want a Luckyblock but with a different way like invisible armor stand with rotate 360 % without stoping and when i right click it they give me items i see this idea exactly in a skypvp servers ( BlocksMC )...