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    Player name tags 1.17?

    nope, it supports (or used to, at least) NametagEdit, but that one isn't available for 1.17 Bump please And bump again
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    Player name tags 1.17?

    Hi, I was wondering if there's a possibility to change player name tags (names above the players) in 1.17? I'm aware that there're add ons that work for 1.8, 1.12, 1.14 etc (MundoSK, Tablisku..), but apparently they are not functional on the latest MC version, so I wanted to know if there's any...
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    on command event issues

    yeah but like if there're multiple commands i have to do this thing for, it would look more organized if it was all in one on command event, but if there's no way in doing that, i guess i'll have to do it command by command
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    on command event issues

    I try using the on command event and when I'm checking for the executed command (if command is "/whatever") it doesn't like register because it's a command i made in skript. i ran a test using a normal plugin/spigot command and it worked fine. I was wondering how can it detect skript commands as...
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    skript world variables

    thanks, i'll try that this won't really solve it I'm afraid because i use world names in the variables, but thank you anyways
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    skript world variables

    Is there a way to make location variables (which are set in a specific world) be saved and not reset if the world where the variable was set is unloaded or is removed?
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    MySQL getting position

    Could someone help me with the syntax to get position of a specific row in MySQL using SkQuery for a stats script I have? I want to have a ranking system with MySQL. I tried everything possible but to no avail. I know I have to work out with the “SORT BY” method but then how do I get the...
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    Check for double chest?

    Hi there, There isn't an event or anything that says "on click on double chest" whatsoever so i was wondering how could I check if I opened a double chest? Thanks
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    Script Skript Parties (Party+) [1v1 Party Dueling] [GUI]

    Would be nice if you added bungeecord support (global chat, list, invite, accept, kick, disband, create...), not just teleporting.
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    Solved remove “attack damage” text

    more specific help on how to do this’s appreciated, an example maybe as well
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    Solved remove “attack damage” text

    I was wondering if it’s possible to remove these “+5 attack damage” from items like swords, pickaxes, etc? I want to have my own lores which are simple to make but want to get rid of this text and don’t know how to. Also, how can I remove the 1.9 item texts? and enchantment texts of an item? ty
  12. D


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    using "||" in "if" statement

    Already explained.. Ain't doing anything wrong, I need this to make something work. Ain't an issue, but a question I need a solution for
  14. D

    using "||" in "if" statement

    if {var} is true || if {var} is not set how can I do this?
  15. D

    using "||" in "if" statement

    Can I use the "||" or "&&" in the skript if statement just like in java or is there any other way? What I want to do is check if either of the specified variables in the if statements exist/are true. Is there a way to do this or do I need to check for each of the variables separately?
  16. D

    Multiple Lobby System

  17. D

    Solved Replace all "and" in "{text}"

    Works perfectly now, thanks a lot!
  18. D

    Solved Replace all "and" in "{text}"

    What I'm doing is this: set {_plr::*} to all players replace all "and" with "," in {_plr::*} send "players: %{_plr::*}%" to loop-player so what this does is it replaces the "and" in the {_plr::*} message, but it won't do it for some reason. I tried playing...
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    Skungee evaluate effect?